Tuesday, December 10, 2013

Old man winter strikes

So I took Nash and Caleb to the pediatrician today for a follow up on Nash's ADHD meds. I took Caleb because during preschool it looked like his ear was bleeding. I started cleaning it out and for lack of a better description, it was like molasses that I got out (um..nasty). I figured it was either a fluke, or knowing my luck, an ear infection. Anyway, dropped the girls off to my mom at 4 and headed in.

I left the pediatrician's office with FIVE prescriptions! Oy! 1-Caleb's ear is infected. 2-Nash has a sinus infection. 3-Nash's ADHD meds were upped a dose. 4-Nash's meds for his wetting the bed was upped a dose. 5-Nash got a prescription to combat the insomnia his ADHD meds give him. I get back to my mom's to find out B has been asleep for about 30 minutes (about 3 hrs before bedtime). I get her home and she is not a happy girl - in fact, she's running a low grade fever! 

Ok, old man winter...I see how it's going to be. Game on.

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