Tuesday, February 17, 2015

Batman turns 12!

Well, it's official.

This crazy daughter of mine just won't quit growing up and having birthdays - even though her dad has been forbidding it for the last 8 yrs!
I decided I'd rather make a big deal out of 12 than 13, because to be honest, 13 scares the living daylights out of me!  She wanted a cake that was half Alice in Wonderland & half Batman.  After seeing the pictures she found on Pinterest (thanks Pinterest) I decided I was going to outsource the cake!  I had my cousin's wife, Jaymie, do Sam's cake.  I think it was spot on for what Sam wanted & it was AMAZING!  Sam was sad that I had to cut it!

We had a big family party on Sunday (15th) because her dad was still home (he left to go back to work today (17th).  She got so many fun, cute things!  Her family knows her (and her Batman addiction) well!

She got some much needed and very cute new clothes

I was finally able to give her the Cache Valley School of Ballet jacket & sweat pants I bought at the beginning of December that I've been dying to give her!

She got her #12 doll from Grandma Terri

She got TWO fleece Batman blankets (and you would think she thinks she needs to use both of them at the same time!)

And the "Piece De Resistance" was Grandma Terri's "Sam Quilt".  Each 6 inch block was a fabric that was something Sam loves - mustaches, cameras, flip flops, dance/ballet, Alice in Wonderland, Batman, and in the corners we put her least favorite things - cats, poodles & Superman!  The quilt I made at Christmas for her came off her bed and her new quilt went on - along with her Batman fleece blankets!

I didn't dare put candles in her cake that Jaymie made so we put candles in her brownies.  Girlfriend is as addicted to brownies as she is to Batman!

We had a pretty good time.  This girl of ours is quite the girl.  We wouldn't trade her for the world (most of the time anyway ;) )

I took her to the Young Women's New Beginnings program tonight.  I'm so excited for her to start Young Women's.  I loved Young Women's!  I think she's pretty excited about it too.  She has three amazing women for Beehive leaders so I know she will have a good time!  Plus, the one lady in the presidency is pretty amazing as well!

Here are some of Sam's favorites:
Alice in Wonderland
Youtube videos of Llama's in hats - just don't even ask
Her Grandmas
Dancing - she only dances FIVE days a week ( just started a ballroom dance workshop)
Snuggling with fuzzy warm blankets
Mounds and mounds of pillows on her bed
Being a goofball with her friends
Brownies - lots and lots of brownies
Jimmy Fallon Youtube videos
Helping out at preschool
Reading graphic novels & the Manga Alice in Wonderland books
She's just getting into comic books (thanks Batman)
Arts & Crafts
Pinterest - makes her an awesome baby sitter!
Spending time with her Uncle Zacc

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