Tuesday, January 19, 2016

NAET Update

Caleb is still working with JanaLee at the Peterson Wellness Clinic.  He hasn't been on a scale since about 3 weeks after he started working with her (he went with for Nash's med check at the pediatrician).  The last time he was on a scale (November) he was up 1.5 lbs.  This was exciting for me because it took him 3 yrs to gain 5 pounds previously.  When we went to his appointment in mid December we learned he was finally balanced and could start the NAET process.

NAET for those that are unfamiliar stands for Nambudripod's Allergy Elimination Technique.  Travis refers to JanaLee as "The Shadow Woman" and what she does as "voodoo".  Apparently, my uncle Todd works with her husband and he too refers to it as voodoo.  At least we know it isn't the first time JanaLee has heard it! :)  NAET uses a combination of Chinese acupuncture or acupressure (depending on age - Caleb is using acupressure) and several other methods of medicine.  It's a little difficult to explain, but I'll try.

When we go to an appointment Caleb sits on my lap by JanaLee's computer and testing equipment.  She sprays his left hand with water and hands him a copper tube to hold in that hand.  Then, she takes another, smaller copper tool and applies it to various meridians on his right hand.  By placing her tube on his meridians she gets a computer read out of what his body is telling her.  Depending on what she is testing him for will depend on what viles she has sitting on her testing equipment.  Right now we are working on vitamin c so that is one of the three viles she sets on her testing equipment.  Once JanaLee determines if he body is responding well to the viles on her testing equipment she can move forward.  If his body is not responding well to the viles on the equipment, she will test to see which of his internal organs are not "liking" the current viles.  With the two that we have done, it has been ALL of his internal organs not liking whatever it is we are testing.  Once she determines which organs don't like the viles she uses acupressure to open the meridians and clear the energy blockages.  She then retests to see if his body is responding better to the viles on the equipment.  If his body is responding well, she uses acupressure to close his meridians and then we wrap the viles on his arm and his waits in the waiting room for 20 minutes.  Depending on what he is being tested for will determine which foods he must avoid for anywhere up to the next 25 hours.

We had our first NAET appointment on New Years Eve.  The first test we did was for a mix called BBF (brain, body formula).  Because he was balanced, he had a positive response and we were able to skip this one.  At the same appointment we moved on to Calcium.  Now, we've been told he does have an allergy to cow's milk so we knew there was going to be some treatment needed for calcium.  He was a bit bummed he had to avoid all dairy for 21 hours but he survived and at his second appointment he was cleared of his calcium allergy.  JanaLee did tell me that if he continues to have an allergic like reaction to the dairy foods that it's possible he's got an allergy to lactose (which will come up with the sugar test soon).  Friday I had him in for another round (when we learned he had cleared the calcium allergy) and he was tested for vitamin c.  I had planned to drop Sam off at dance and go straight home after this appointment.  Things did not go that way and we ended up at my in laws for about an hour and a half.  I didn't have my workbook with me that says what he can and can't have when he's been treated for the various allergies.  I ended up letting him have one soda and a bun with melted cheese.  My bad.  Wasn't suppose to have soda (artificial sweeteners) or the cheese (in my defense, the workbook only says cows milk so I did clarify when we were there today).  So, when we went back today I wasn't surprised that he didn't clear the vitamin c allergy test.  However, he did pass about 75% of the test - just not enough to be considered cleared of the allergy.  And, she had to treat him twice before his body accepted the treatment.  So, here's to hoping that when we go back in a week he will have cleared the vitamin c allergy.  She said that based on him passing 75% and then having to treat him twice today it's likely that the vitamin c allergy was a fairly significant allergy for him.  Good to know.

And, in more good news....I went to buy the boys new pants today.  I bought Caleb a size 6 slim.  This is a big deal.  He wore a size 4T until AUGUST of 2015 (he was 7 yrs old).  I bumped him up to a size 5 at the beginning of the school year because the 4's were starting to become floods.  The 5's were still big but not so much that it was worse than wearing the 4's.  So, in just 5 months (3 of which we have been working with JanaLee), he's finally grown enough that I have to bump him up a size in pants!  Wahoo!  We are on the right path, finally!!

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