Tuesday, March 1, 2016

Fun tidbits

Exciting news!
**Nash's robotics team at Canyon Elementary took 2nd at the STATE competition!  While his team didn't qualify for Nationals or Worlds, the school's team with all first timers did!  They will be making a trip to TEXAS in April.  Nash won't go this time, but I have a feeling his day is coming soon!

**Also, this past month I've helped my mom set up an Etsy store.  She's not got 2 sales under her belt!  We are pretty excited here and can't wait to see this business really take off for her!

Upcoming events we are looking forward to:

**Caleb is singing with Billy Dean and Eli Barsi on Saturday at the Cache Valley Cowboy Rendezvous!

**Brooke & Nash have birthdays coming up in just 2 months.  I've already been hearing about what kind of cakes Brookelyn wants (since Christmas actually).  Should be an interesting challenge and must more difficult than last month's cake adventure!

**Spring Break is at the end of March!  We'll be going to Manti to visit Grandma and Grandpa Butter for Easter.  Not sure what else we'll do, but Travis is home so there SHALL BE ADVENTURE!

**We just had our first NYC meeting!  We talked about places we'd like to visit and which Broadway shows we'd like to see.  We'll have another meeting in May!

**Dance competition season officially kicks off on March 19th.  I WILL master this year's hair by then!  I actually practiced on Brookelyn on Sunday.  I didn't do it upside down and backwards like I do on Sam - but it looked super cute and she loved her "Elsa Braid".  We are also looking forward to the END of dance competition season.  This season with a new studio has been very difficult.  We've learned a lot of hard lessons.  Sam will be switching to a different studio in August and thankfully, she's excited about that!  I sure hope it's a better experience than this year has been!  Brookelyn is looking forward to getting to go back to "fun dance" instead of "boring dance" too :)

I know it's not anything super marvelous, but at this time of year it's easy to get the winter blahs.  We are looking for fun things to be excited about!

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