Tuesday, September 6, 2016

I posted last when?

I did not honestly think that it had been so long since I posted last!  Heavens!  Time sure does get away from me quickly!
SO much has happened since March!  Where do I even begin?

The kids finished up school in May.  Brookelyn even graduated from Speech!  I can't believe she graduated out of the program so quickly!  I thought for sure she would continue through at least first grade!  It makes me happy knowing she went through the program so quickly.  Her teacher said she went so quickly because she was consistent at doing her homework!  Yay!

May also found Sam with a new round of auditions for dance for a new studio.  We elected to leave Dance Source behind and find a better business.  She decided on Infinity Dance over in Brigham.  Travis tried to tell me that it's further than Dance Source - actually, it's closer (and I don't have to deal with 5:00 Logan traffic!).  She didn't make the level she wanted, but she is only 2 below what she auditioned for.  That speaks volumes to me.  Sister danced at place that wasn't super competitive and didn't focus much on technique for NINE years.  She had one year of classic ballet before switching to Dance Source.  Dance Source was her first interaction with large scale competitions and conventions and they were consistent in their technique.  They knew how to teach and they knew their dance, but I wasn't overly impressed with how the business side of things were run.  My business would have been out of business in a matter of months if I had run my business that way.  After just one audition prep class at Infinity the technique teacher told me to have her audition for the highest level.  I think that says volumes about her dedication and how far she's come simply because of her own initiative.  She's only dancing 7 hours (2 days a week) this year compared to 10 hours (4 days a week) last year.

May brought braces for Nash.  Full set for that boy now.  We got that done before Sam and I headed out to NYC in June.

June was the much anticipated trip to NYC - that needs its own blog entry!  June was also the beginning of summer dance at the new studio for Sam.

July brought summer session for preschool.  That was a new adventure.  One that I'm not fully sure if I'll repeat yet or not.  It was fun, I just didn't have full classes every week so I don't know that it was worth my time and energy.

August brought Kash & Liv moving in with us.  We are now foster parents to them for an undetermined amount of time.  We hope they like it here and that they grow much while they are here.

After 17 yrs and 2 weeks of being married, Travis and I finally went through the temple and were sealed August 13.  That deserves its own post as well!

Kash decided he wanted to play football this year so August brought on that new adventure for us.  We are new to football and heavens to Betsy it is not for the faint of heart!  Wow!  I've got lots to learn!  I volunteered as team mom so I'm sure I'll catch on quickly!

August also brought the beginning of school!  My baby is in KINDERGARTEN this year!  How did that even happen?  This momma wasn't sad though - I think it's because I've already been taking her to the "big kid school" for two years so I've had time to prep myself!

September has only just begun but it's brought major life changes with it.  Travis was laid off from Halliburton after 7.5 yrs in the oil field.  He was given the opportunity to transfer back to Rocky Springs, WY or take a lay off.  We talked it over and decided that there wasn't much to gain by transferring back to where he started.  They aren't much better off than where he was.  He's been anticipating a pink slip every time he has gone back to work for the last year.  While Halliburton has been good to us, I'm glad it's time for a change.  It will be odd to get use to having him home all the time, but, we'll get it.

And now, preschool for the year has started.  It's going to be interesting trying to manage 6 kids, 1 in football, 1 in choir, 1 in robotics, 3 in piano, 3 in dance, 3 in scouts, PTA president, preschool and who knows what else!  I think if we survive this school year I shall need an extensive vacation!

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