Tuesday, January 24, 2017

January SNOW

For the record, my kids have had more snow days in the last three weeks than I have had in my entire life!  There was a 2 hour delay one day that was then followed by 2 snow days.  Those snow days are going to be made up the Friday before and the Monday of President's Day.  Yesterday they called another snow day!  Who knows when that make up day will be.  I seriously do not remember EVER in my ENTIRE LIFE having this much snow!  I'm SO SICK of shoveling!  I'm ready to steal a snow blower!  Travis finally borrowed the Viterna's side by side with a plow on it today to plow out the two buried vehicles and the driveway and in front of the mailbox!  They closed Sardine yesterday so Sam & Brooke & Liv missed dance.  Today it wasn't looking much better so I decided that rather than chance it we just wouldn't go.  Sam's pouting as she's been without a dance class for 5 days now!  Poor girl!

This was the first big storm we got.  It was the end of December/beginning of January.

This was after the second snow storm right after the beginning of the year.

Storm 3.  The piles were ridiculous.  Travis is 6'1".  I could no longer throw snow up over the piles so the shoveling was left to him!

See!  I can't throw wet, heavy snow this high!

Lucky for us the neighbors brought their snow blower over during this storm and helped us out!

I took this yesterday during our third snow day!  Nash & Kash are head to head (mostly) on a solid wall of snow that goes from the driveway to the camper.  You cannot open the camper door - it is a solid wall of snow.  I had to have them shovel the tops of the piles back down so I could throw more snow on top!

Nash started building a tower.  It's quite high now.  This was good packing snow.

 The tower...before he was finished building it.

We are starting to forget what warm weather and green grass are like.  On the plus side, the kids play outside A LOT!

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