Monday, April 17, 2017

1 month check up with Dr. Ohling

Today I took Caleb in for his one month check with Dr. Ohling since he started the Semoralin.  I'm THRILLED to report that the kid has GAINED THREE POUNDS AND GROWN 1/2-1 INCH!  Holy cow!  We didn't expect to see significant results in such a short amount of time.  Even Dr. Ohling was surprised at his quick results.

Caleb's BMI is now just a little over 14 (it was 13.73 at his last appointment).  This is not a percentage.  His BMI percentage at his last check was about 3.4% or so.

I told Dr. Ohling we had visited with the nutritionist at the pediatrician's office.  I told him we had talked about calorie packing.  He said he was good with that and to continue doing whatever it was we were doing there.

I did admit that we've not done too super great at getting the Tyrosine 3 times a day.  He does for sure get it twice a day, it's just that dose after school that's hard to get (because I'm not home then and forget!).

Dr. Ohling wants to see him back in about 4 weeks.  This visit will be a quick weight and height check to see if he's still progressing or if he's stalled.  It's possible we will check his IGF-1 factor again at that appointment.  He said that if Caleb is continuing to grow then he might wait 8 weeks to do the IGF-1 retest.

Since he's doing so well we aren't going to mess with the dosage of the medication at this point.  He's just taking .15 ml's once a day of the semoralin.  He's also taking a B complex vitamin once a day and the Tyrosine 3 (or at least 2) times a day.  We've also still got him on a probiotic and the drops from JanaLee.

I have noticed that he's hungry more often (he ate a whole ham sandwich for breakfast today - weird, I know, but I take whatever I can get).  He's also been slightly more willing to try foods.  He doesn't usually eat more than one bite, but at least he's trying one bite.  He's also eating more when he does eat so that's a big improvement as well.  I was also able to report to Dr. Ohling that he's finally sleeping too!  Even Caleb has commented, "Mom, I can only read about one book before I fall asleep now instead of a whole bunch!  It's sad!"  I told him it's ok, there's plenty of time to read (he read a 5 book series over the Easter weekend).  Travis and I are super happy to see such quick progress.  We are hoping that it continues!

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