Wednesday, May 17, 2017

Caleb & Sam go back to the Wellness Clinic

Yesterday I took Caleb in for a check up with Dr. Ohling at the Wellness Clinic.  In a two month period Caleb has gained 5.5 pounds (2.5 in the last month) and he has grown 5/8" (that was ALL in the last month!).  I think it's safe to say the Semoralin is working!  I knew he had grown some more because about a week ago I had to buy him new pants.  He was wearing a 6 slim (he moved up to that size in about December of second grade).  I had to buy him a 7 regular the other day!  Whoot, whoot!

I also had Caleb get retested by JanaLee.  His numbers were looking really good and he only had 2 areas that were off.  The ones that were off were high rather than low too, so that's always an improvement as well.  JanaLee gave him one new drop and took him off the three he was on previously.

Samantha only saw JanaLee.  She was tested and although her numbers weren't bad, she has no reserves.  She's still on a probiotic and JanaLee added two drops for her.  Since one of the drops she's on is a fungus, she's not supposed to be eating anything that will feed the fungus (no sugar).  Taking sugar out of her already limited diet is going to be a struggle.  Fortunately, it's only for a week!  Here's hoping JanaLee can help Sam like she did for Caleb!

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