Wednesday, July 19, 2017

Happy Birthday #9 Caleb!

Today the Doobie turns 9. It's a bitter sweet day for me. Yes, it's his birthday, but it's also the 1 yr anniversary of when our family changed forever. It's a hard day for me and that makes me angry, because today should be a good day, a happy day. I have written little to nothing about our foster care journey. There will be a day for that (and soon). But today, we celebrate our Doob.

After travis got home from work we went to dinner at Pizza Pie Cafe (thank goodness they have a gluten free option for Sam!). After dinner we went to the fun park for about an hour. Kids had a good time and earned more than enough tickets for some treats. Caleb decided he wanted to open his gift tonight rather than wait until party day on saturday. He's pretty excited about his new air soft gun and targets and camo camp chair! Glad he's still relatively easy to shop for!

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