Friday, January 18, 2008


What an adventure we have had this week! Nash and Travis were sick on Sat. but Nash seemed to be doing better Sunday and Travis was better by Sunday.

Tuesday, Jan. 15th: He still wasn't himself on Monday and he woke up at 2 am on Tuesday with a fever. He wouldn't sleep for more than 30 min. at a time and he just kept saying, "Mommy, I need you." I took him to Wellsville with me that morning to get some work done and my mom picked Sam up from preschool. After I was done in Wellsville, I went home and he was still just burning up. He had fleece pjs on and wanted his fleece blanket on and had socks on and was just shaking like he was freezing. I finally called the doctor's office around 2 and made an appointment with a dr. that I hadn't seen before so I was kinda nervous about that. We got to the dr. and his temperature was 104. He was showing serious signs of dehydration and wouldn't sit up and take motrin or drink any water for me. So, the dr. admitted him to the hospital. Everyone pretty much thought that they'd admit him for the night, hydrate him and send him home in the morning. Well, they got him admitted and started and IV and drew blood to do some lab work. About an hour after they got blood, the nurse came in and said, his bacteria count is 9.3 (it's supposed to be less than 0.8) and his white blood cell count was through the roof. So, they started him on some antibiotics (Rocefin) and drew more blood to do a blood culture so that they could tell exactly what bacteria they were dealing with.

Wednesday Jan. 16th: They come in to do lab work at like 5 am. Well, Nash has really small veins because he's a little kid. They also roll a lot because he moves a lot because he DOES NOT like to be poked with a needle. And, when you get dehydrated, your bloodthickens and so it's harder to draw. Well, each time they tried to draw blood this week they had to poke him AT LEAST 3 times. By Wednesday night when the people from the lab would come in to draw blood, he told me, "I hate those people mommy! I'm mad!" I just told him that it was ok to hate them and to be mad. Well, Wednesday he still had a temperature of 102 and still wasn't eating or drinking like he should. When his labs came back his bacteria count and white blood cell count were still both really high. They started to run different tests to see if they could find anything because it takes at least 24 hrs to grow anything. He was still getting the antibiotics every 12 hours though. We got the stool and urine samples back from Tuesday night and they were both normal too. I think it was this day that they tried to start a new iv line just to draw blood out of and ended up bruising both spots really bad. We did do a chest x-ray this day to find out if it was pneumonia. I had to leave him with Travis for several hours while I went and did a jewelry party. Travis said he was up and playing and happy for several hours. He did have Motrin in him and it was working at this point so that was good. Pancreatitus blood work came back negative - good news.

Thursday Jan. 17th: Labs at about 5 am again and at least 3 pokes to get anything. I think it was today that they took an hour and a half to get 2 tiny viles of blood. He had been complaining of the top of his head hurting Wednesday night so, we did cat scans today. He wouldn't drink the stuff they gave him to make his insides show up so, we had to put a tube up his nose and put it into him with a syringe. He didn't get to eat breakfast before he had to have this stuff so he didn't get to eat until 2:30 in the afternoon. He still isn't eating or drinking like he needs to be. He slept for all but 45 min. until 5 pm on this day except for when they were poking him. He woke up at 5 because the pediatrician came in and we did a spinal tap to check for Meningitis. Another urine and stool sample. The nurse said she hadn't even heard of some of the tests they were running on the stool sample (that's how many things he was being tested for). Still getting antibiotics 2 times a day even though we don't know what we're treating.

Friday Jan. 18th: 4 pokes to get 3 tiny viles of blood!! My son is officially a pin cushion for the lab people! Good news today: White blood cell count down from 27,000 to 15,000 and Bacteria count down from 9.3 to 3 (remember it's supposed to be less than .8). We get to go home today! He got 2 more doses of antibiotics in him before we left to go home. He still isn't eating or drinking like he needs to be. His temperature is still at least 100 if he doesn't stay on Tylenol and Motrin. Complaining of leg pain, limping and back is killing him where they did the spinal tap. Poor boy. We go back to the pediatrician on Monday at 10 am and get to have more blood work drawn to make sure the numbers are still going down. Still absolutely NO idea what is wrong with him!!!!

Hope your week has been less eventful and filled with activities more fun than this!


Justin & Ashlee said...

Well, we are glad that Nash has got to go home. Hopefully on Monday things are yet a little closer to normal. I feel bad he got poked so much, poor kid. Keep us posted and we are thinking of him.

pnoque said...

Poor little guy. He's going to be afraid of needles for the rest of his life!

Angela said...

Wow--so scary! You guys are definitely in our prayers!!

Heather said...

I sure hope they figure it out. It's almost worse not knowing. I feel so sorry for the kid, but I'm glad he's home. We're praying for you guys!!