Saturday, January 19, 2008

More on Nash

Saturday Jan. 19th: Well, he slept through the night so that was nice. I think he was thrilled not to get woke up at 5 am in order to be poked four or five times. He was acting like he still wasn't feeling too great this morning though. He was thrilled to see his sister. I decided I'd take Samantha to town and we'd have a girl day. Just as I was ready to walk out the door (about noon), Nash threw up all over everywhere. He hasn't thrown up all week! I HATE new symptoms!! I immediately called the Budge Clinic and asked to speak to the dr. on call. They told me he was booked with patients until 2 pm and that he'd return messages then. So, I left a VERY detailed message and waited for him to call me back. Well, about 2:30 I got a call back from the dr. on call. He basically told me that if Nash seemed to be the same then to keep doing what I'm doing and keep his appointment on Monday (Duh, like I'd cancel at this point!). Then he said that if his temperature goes back up or if he starts getting dehydrated again because he can't keep anything down or if I just think he's getting worse, to take him to the InstaCare or the Emergency room. I told him I knew that InstaCare wouldn't do anything for him so I was not going to take him there for sure (he pretty much agreed with that one).
So, here we are at 9 at night and he's still fairly miserable but hasn't thrown up again and he has eaten some since noon. Unfortunately, he's still complaining about his back and leg pain and having difficulty walking. My grandpa asked if we had had him checked for Rhumatic Fever. I asked the dr. that and he said that technically, you have to have strep first and that no strep test had been run. I'll be asking his pediatrician about that one on Monday! I took him down to see my grandpa Maughan tonight though and asked him to give him another blessing (he and my cousin's husband did that for me once on Wednesday morning already). I'm hoping we'll see a turn around by tomorrow!
Thanks for your prayers!

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