Sunday, February 3, 2008

Snow Day

Happy SuperBowl Sunday! We got quite another snow storm today & anticipate more tomorrow. The kids sure are enjoying all of the winter fun but we're sick and tired of shoveling (not to mention driving through) all the white stuff! Here's some new pics. For those of you in warmer places, I'm still wishing I was there with you (despite all the cute pictures of my kids!)!!

The new snowman at our house. Samantha started rolling the body while Travis was shoveling the driveway this morning. Once the driveway was clear she got some help from her dad & brother in finishing the project.

The ever growing man-made snow pile next to our front door. I think it's actually taller than both Travis & I now!

Travis' Aunt Lori & Uncle Brad & their kids + one other cousin (Bailey) came up for the annual SuperBowl party. The boys were quite the babysitters when it came to Samantha. Besides going ice skating they played outside in the snow almost all day Sunday. In Travis' parents' backyard they dug this tunnel. It goes the entire distance of the snow pile. Samantha thought it was great!

You can see Samantha down at one end & the other end is to the far right.

16 weeks & still counting! We go to the dr. on Feb. 13th & will get to schedule our ultra sound after that appointment.

Hope you have a great week!


Justin & Ashlee said...

Hey, the snow looks fun. I am sort of missing it - but just sort of! So when you go to the Dr. on the 13th will you find out the real due date or did you already? I just remembered you saying you thought it may be a little sooner. Well, I am sorry you have to shovel so much. Have fun.

Lesa said...

I can't believe how much snow you guys have up there! I thought we had a lot down here but wow there is no way that we do! Your kids are adorable and it looks like they are sure having a blast playing in the snow! I sure do hope that it is gone by April!