Friday, March 7, 2008

Days 4-7

Day 7 - More rain & tornado warnings! This morning it was still raining and when Robbie turned on tv for the kids to watch cartoons, we heard there was a tornado warning the for counties just to the east and north of Clay County (which is where Jacksonville is). Finally at about 3 pm we decided we'd go to the Budweiser factory and do the tour their since it was still raining and we couldn't go to the zoo or the beach. We made it to the factory in time for the last tour so we were glad we left the house when we did. It quit raining long enough for the drive over & for us to take some pictures of the kids with Larry the Clydsdale but when we came out of the tour, it was raining again!

They say it's supposed to just be windy tomorrow. The fishing charter that Robbie and Travis were hoping to go on today got cancled because of the size of waves that were predicted and they aren't going out tomorrow due to the same reason. The lady said if they came Monday, they were likely going out then. I wish we could send them Monday!! Tomorrow we're going to hit the local zoo and the beach - weather permitting! Then we'll have to come back & get ready to go because our flight out on Sunday leaves at 6 am!! Hope you're having a great week!

Day 6 - Disney World!!

We got up fairly early, but it took us longer to get ready and check out than we had hoped. We made it to the Sizzler breakfast buffet and we took awhile there making sure the kids got full. We got to Disney World (about 30 min from the hotel we stayed in) at about 9:30-10 am. We got our tickets and got into the park and the first thing Sam wanted to do was find the princesses (big surprise). Well, much to her dismay, her father had other plans. We had to start at the left of the part and make our way around. Well, the princess stuff was in the middle and we didn't get to the park until 10 and they were closing at 7 pm that night so I was a bit irritated that we had to play by her dad's rules. Sam rode several rides she didn't want to (yes, she was crying when her dad put her on them). Nash rode several as well but wasn't able to ride as many as I had hoped because he's about 2-3 inches shorter than the 40 inch ride requirement on most of the rides. The kids were really good the whole day though - even when it started to rain on us. We did find Ariel and both of the kids got to sit up with her and meet her and get her autograph. When we asked Sam what her favorite part of the day was, she said meeting Ariel.

We debated about staying for the Pirate and Princess party that went from 7pm-midnight but it would have cost another $150 for tickets for the three of us (Nash was free) and we'd had rain for the better part of the afternoon. So, we left the park at closing and headed to Downtown Disney to find Planet Hollywood to eat
When we got to Planet Hollywood there was an hour and ten minute wait just to get seated and it was already 8:30 pm. After spending about 15 min. trying to decide what to do, we left and headed back toward Orlando. We stopped and ate dinner at a Denny's at about 9:30-10:00 pm. We had to wake the kids up to eat, but I'm glad we did because I knew they were hungry because they hadn't eaten any "real" food since breakfast at 9 am. After Denny's, we headed back to Jacksonville to Jamie & Robbie's house. It was raining pretty hard and apparently, there's a short in the windshield wiper box in Robbie's truck. We had to pull over on the freeway twice to pound on the box to get the wipers going again. Finally, the box just gave out so we spent probably an hour or more looking for a gas station or some other store that was open at 11:30 at night that sold RainX. We finally found it at a Walgreens around midnight. Then we had to find a gas station that wasn't in the middle of the ghetto so they could put the RainX on the windshield. We finally made it home around 2:30 am!

Day 5 - Spring Training Game Day.
We went down to Orlando first thing in the morning and was going to check into our hotel so that we could leave our luggage there instead of hauling it another hour south with us to the baseball stadium, but they weren't ready for us to check in yet. So, we made our way to Winter Haven and got tickets to watch the Cleveland Indians play the Atlanta Braves. It was a pretty dull game. The Indians didn't even get a hit until the bottom of the 9th with 2 out. The final score ended up being 4-1 Braves. The kids were pretty good during the game - of course, I bought coloring books and treats at Target the day before, so I'm sure that helped!

After the game was over we went back to Orlando and had dinner at Cici's. It's a pizza, pasta and desseret buffet. It was interesting to go there - especially with the kids. They had every kind of pizza you can imagine, including macaroni & cheese pizza (yes, I did say macaroni and cheese pizza).
After dinner, we went back to our hotel and played in the pool and the hot tub for about an hour or so and then hit the sack!

Day 4 - It rained most of the day. We finally went and ate at The Pig. It was pretty good - everyone ordered ribs. We pretty much just stayed at Jamie & Robbie's house this day, which was ok because we needed to get ready to go to DisneyWorld on Wednesday. Jamie, Samantha & I went and got pedicures and manicures. Sam sat up in the big massage chair and they gave her the whole treatment. She was so cute to watch - it was the first time I've taken her to do that. She got Barbie pink nails with a flower on her ring fingers and big toes. She managed to touch the heat lamp Jamie was drying her fingernails under though and it burnt her pretty bad. We had to make a trip to Walgreens to find some burn spray and bandaids. Robbie & Travis went and bought rain gutter to put up around the back of the house to keep rain out of the lanai. Apparently some guy in Home Depot told them they were a bunch of Yankee's and didn't they know you don't need rain gutter down here? Jamie and I were just glad they didn't get in a fight with the guy because they were both pretty mad when they got back to the house!

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