Monday, March 3, 2008

Day 3 - Imax, St. Augustine Light House & Dog Races

(Looking out from the top of the Light House.)

(This is looking up to the top of the lighthouse from the bottom. It's something like 300 stairs all the way to the top. Samantha & Travis were the only ones to make the trek up!)

So, we made it to the Imax theater, the lighthouse and the dog races today. We would have been able to make it to the fort too but we got stuck in traffic for like 30-45 min. because they had to raise and lower the bridge to let a boat through so traffic got WAY backed up. After we got done at the lighthouse we went and walked through all the shopes downtown. I found some fabulous treasures that are sure to surface soon!! One treasure won't make it home - we found a fudge shop!! I did exercise control though. They had buy 2 slices get 1 free and I only bought 1 slice because I knew if I bought 3 I'd eat all 3 by myself. Jamie on the other hand, bought all 3 so there are now 4 pieces of fudge in the house! Travis was adventurous today and drove Robbie's truck. Taking 2 vehicles was nice because we weren't so squished and Robbie could go do work stuff after the theater. We wanted to hit the St. Augustine beach today too but ran out of daylight. I guess the fact that we didn't even get to St. Augustine until 3 pm was a bit of a factor though! At least we got Clayton in to see the dr. before he had to be on his nebulizer every 4 hours instead of 3 times a day. He does have a fever tonight though.

Jamie won 2 times at the dog races but Trav and I were the big losers of the night. That's ok though, it's not like we went expecting to win! The kids really got a kick out of seeing all the dogs and getting to pick which one was going to win the race. They totally got into it and cheered their pick on. It was cute to watch.

Tomorrow it's supposed to rain pretty bad. Jamie has a dr. appointment in the morning and they are supposed to be coming out to set up cable between 10-12. There's a few things we have in mind to do while it's raining. The boys want to go to WalMart to check out fishing gear for their trip on Friday and it sounds like we'll go have lunch at The Pig.

Well, it sounds like the movie is starting so I'd better go! We're watching The Game Plan tonight - starting it at the early hour of 11:15 pm too!

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