Saturday, March 1, 2008

First day in Jacksonville!

So, we made it here in one piece. The kids were SO good all the way here. They slept to the airport in SLC and then were awake until we landed in Denver and then fell asleep in Denver b/c we had a 2 hr layover and they slept all the way to Atlanta where we woke them up to get off the plane at 530 am local time (2 hrs ahead of UT time). Then they stayed awake until several hrs later. We got here and went to baggage claim and didn't have any baggage. As I was filing a claim with the guy he got a phone call from Frontier saying our luggage had showed up with them an hr ago. I knew something like that would happen! I'm just glad we have our underwear!!

After we got here we came to Jamie and Robbie's house (such a cute house by the way) and were here for a bit. Then we went and grabbed some lunch and went to the flea market. Wow - it's amazing the crap people think they can sell and the crap people will buy!! We didn't find anything too fabulous but a guy did give Samantha a purple barbie car for free. Oh goodie. I also bought some name things that say each of our names, where the name comes from and what the name means. They're pretty neat and I think they'll look really good in the front entry with all the family pictures. Nash fell asleep in the stroller (so glad we brought it with us) while we were at the flea market and slept for about an hour. When we got back to Jamie & Robbie's house Trav, Me, Clayton, Jamie & Nash all fell asleep while Samantha watched Cinderella and Robbie went to work for a bit. Later Jamie & I went to Target. I bought me some flip flops and the kids water shoes and a few other things.

Tomorrow we're going to St. Augustine. We're going to hit the gator farm and the light house/fort and then hit an IMAX theater. When we get back to Jacksonville, we're going to go to the greyhound dog races. I think the kids will get a kick out of those!

Anyway, we're having a good time and the weather ROCKS. There is none of the white stuff in sight (although it is kinda naked without the mountains)!! The weather is just right - we're in shorts and no jackets but it isn't blistering hot and there's virtually no humidity to factor in. The kids actually insisted we put sunscreen on them this morning after we changed into fresh clothes and were sitting out in the lani. It was kinda funny to hear Samantha be so insistent that she needed to have sunscreen on because she was getting burned.

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Justin & Ashlee said...

Sounds like you're having fun!