Sunday, March 2, 2008

Day 2 - The Gator Farm

The weather is holding for us so far. We went down to St. Augustine today and did the Gator farm. The kids got quite a kick out of that. We even had our picture taken with Trav and I holding baby alligators and the kids on our laps. It's pretty neat. Even Samantha pet the baby alligator several times - which surprised me. We were going to go to the Lighthouse and the Fort but we also wanted to go to the IMAX (which was back toward the freeway). We were worried we weren't going to make it to the IMAX before they closed so we skipped the Lighthouse and the Fort and headed for the IMAX (it's at the World Golf Hall of Fame). Well, when we got there, there weren't any movies starting for an hour and the only movie that was left to see was the Spiderwick Chronicles which was the most expensive. So, we left St. Augustine and came back and had dinner at Gator Docside (the kids did try the gator tail and really liked it). Then we were going to go to the dog races. Jamie called them yesterday to make sure they'd be open today and they said they would be from 7-11. Well, when we got there at 8 they were closed! We're going to try again tomorrow. The guys were going to go on their fishing charter tomorrow but the lady called and canceled because they're supposed to have 6-7 ft swells. So, they're going to go Friday instead. Jamie is still feeling sick but has been a trooper and gone along all day long.

Tomorrow I think we're going to go back to St. Augustine after Jamie goes to the dr. so we can do the Lighthouse and the Fort and try again at the IMAX. I think if we would have gotten to St. Augustine earlier in the day we would've been fine time wise, but we didn't get there until around 1:00. I think we're also going to hit the St. Augustine beach tomorrow. That will be fun - the kids keep asking when they can go swimming.

Anyway, just wanted to let you know we're having a good time & hope you are enjoying your week as much as we are!!

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