Thursday, May 22, 2008

A Job! A Job!

I have a job! I guess I haven't been blacklisted after all!
I was offered a job on the spot at my job interview with Quest Academy today. They are a Charter School in West Haven (down by Roy - about an hour long commute). It is a brand new school so I'll have new everything (how nice is that?!). My class size will be about 25-27 and I pretty well had my pick of grades. I will be teaching 3rd grade & there are 3 classes of each grade up to grade six. I will be starting out at a second year teaching pay scale (trust me, significantly more money & WAY more money than Cache or Logan district offers). First day of school is Aug. 25th for the kids & I will start about a week prior to that. My mom said I'd better hope the baby comes a bit early so I have time to recover before having to set up my classroom. No worries here! I called Trav on my way home & he was shocked I was coming home with a job (he was feeling I was blacklisted too). He said the best he had hoped for was a really good interview. I told him that was what I had hoped for too! As he so kindly reminded me just the other day, "Positive thinking yields positive results."
Anyway, had to share the exciting news! Hope your day is going great!


josh and nat said...

thats awesome mis! too bad you have to drive that far but at least it is a job right! congrats!

Nic said...

Mazel tov!

Heather said...

I am so excited for you! Do you want some editing kits for your writing station? I'll have them back by May 30th. Congrats!