Wednesday, May 21, 2008

30 Weeks

Well here is another fat girl picture. Yes, I'm letting Charlotte use my belly as a table. Every night she snuggles up to my belly & gets quite offended when I move her so I can roll over! Notice the ankles have now become kankles. Travis hasn't started calling me Pregosaurus to my face yet, but I'm sure if I give him a few more days he'll be right on top of that. We go to the dr. tomorrow. I get to meet a new dr. I found out my dr. isn't delievering any more after June (yea - SO not happy about that). I did realize the other day that I've already gained as much weight as I did when Nash was born. This is either going to be a really big baby or I'm going to have to work really hard afterward to get rid of all that "at least you have an excuse to gain weight" weight!

Trav has been a sport & has put in 2 of my flowerbeds out back. By putting in I mean he has boarded them off so grass won't get into them as easily. I still need to plant! I then proceeded to go out and shovel & weed (so I could plant) in them while we had some warm weather. To which his reply was, "If your mother sees you out here doing this, she'll kick my butt." I told him his mother probably would too! Guess it's either a bad year to be pregnant or a bad year to put in a yard. Either way, neither one is willing to wait! At least I'm not shoveling snow while I'm 7-9 months pregnant this time! My mom was REALLY unhappy about that one!!

As of Monday at about 10 am this week Nash had managed to put his teeth through his bottom lip twice already. Yea, think it's shaping up to be a good week. Boys. I did mention to Travis after last week's episode that we can't name the baby Travis Jr. (TJ) because I can't handle another child that's any more like him than the one we've already got!

I have a job interview tomorrow for a position at a Charter school in West Haven (think Ogden). They are called Quest Academy. I was getting a bit desperate on my job search so last week I faxed/emailed my resume/application to the Ogden & Weber districts. I mapquested directions for all the schools that had openings and all are within 57 min. So, I figured what the heck, I can't keep waiting on the districts around here to call & beg me to come work for them! I am still waiting to hear back from Thomas Edison South Campus and I asked about applying for an ESL position at Greenville Elementary. The principal there used to be Trav's parent's neighbor & was actually his brother's principal in high school and he really thinks the world of my in laws. I was fortunate enough to interview with this guy when I did my interview for Cache School District. Anyway, I figure I might as well apply for anything within an hour north & south of here because it's getting to the point that I can't be too picky any more! Besides, I keep telling myself all this rejection is a good character builder (not to mention all the "invaluable" interviewing experience it's giving me, right?).

Anyway, we're doing good here. Hope you are having a great week (at our house that means all appendages are still attached by Saturday!).

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Heather said...

You are the funniest girl! I love "pregosaurus" and am so surprised I hadn't heard that before. It's hilarious! Good luck on the yard--I know what you mean about things not waiting. There is only so much you can do, right? Good luck with the job interview. I hope it goes well and you find a position. (I do think you are crazy for wanting to teach with 3 kids at home, but that's just me.:))