Monday, June 16, 2008

Grass!! And a few other things!

Well, we inherited a 1/4 of a palette of left over sod. Who knew that such a small amount of grass could make a person so excited! Even the kids were jumping around on it! Travis said he figures we need 6 full palettes to do the entire yard -- that's still $600 for grass. I just hope we can inherit a few more left overs!! In the picture it looks like there's still a bunch of sod to lay but, our new grassy area doesn't extend too much farther than what is already laid.

A week ago Sunday we rode up right hand fork so Travis & I could shoot our guns. Here are a couple pix of the kids.
We actually had to wake Nash up after we were done shooting so he could use the bathroom!

Have you ever met a kid that looked more like his dad?

Sammie girl:

About 2 weeks ago we were out at my grandparent's house in Hyde Park. These pictures are of the kids in the leather shop with Great Grandpa Russ poundin away on some fabulous leather treasure! I remember spending hours doing the exact same thing when I was a kid!

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