Wednesday, June 18, 2008

Baby Update

I went to the dr. today for my 35 week check up. He said that my blood pressure is up so they will be keeping a closer eye on me for toximea. Two weeks ago my blood pressure was 110/60 & today it was 136/76. He said if it gets up to or above 140/90 that's when they really start to worry. So, we're good in that area.
I told him that the dr. I saw a month ago had said she might want to do another ultrasound because I was measuring so big. He looked at my chart & said that he too is measuring me about 2 cm bigger than how many weeks I am but since that's consistent with my history that he really isn't too worried about it. He said that measuring +/- 2 cm is within the normal range. If I was measuring +3 cm then he'd be more concerned.
He said that he'll do another ultrasound if I want him to, but that if he does it that he wouldn't do it until I got closer to my due date. Why? Well since I'm at least 3 weeks away from his lungs being completely developed that even if they looked & saw that yes he's going to be 10 pounds there's nothing they could do about it for at least 3 more weeks.
He did say that if he does another ultrasound & it looks like he's going to be closer to 11 pounds then I might want to consider a C-section. Then he reminded me that ultrasounds are +/- 10% (that's a full pound). He also told me that they did a study with dr.'s who had at least 4 years private practice experience, ultrasounds & mothers to find out who is most accurate on predicting the baby's weight. Guess who was the most accurate....yep, moms. I told him I'll be incredibly surprised if he's less than 10 pounds - on the other hand, I'd be shocked if he was bigger than 10 1/2 pounds.
And last but not least, I told him I've never made it to 39 weeks before & he said, "I hope you don't. Not with as big of babies as you've had because you tend to have bigger babies the more you have & boys are usually bigger than girls." That's always comforting!
So, now we're set until June 30th when we go back. Actually, the dr. wanted to see me back in a week, but the dr. I saw today is out all week next week & all the other dr.s are booked solid next week! I told Travis I think we'll do well to have one show up to catch this kid!! He wanted to know if the dr. misses it if we get a refund. I told him I don't think so!


Justin & Ashlee said...

For your sake I hope you don't make it to 39 weeks either. I am excited for your little bit of grass!

Doinkakay said...

Hang in there! You are almost done!I think the last few weeks are so uncomfortable! Sorry, but very very worth it!!!! You are almost ready for the reward!!