Wednesday, June 4, 2008


Well it would seem that nearly cutting his thumb off recently just isn't enough to satisfy or slow down my son. Today he tried to gouge his eye out. He was playing in his bedroom with Samantha when all of a sudden I hear him start to cry. I'm thinking, great Samantha's being mean again. By the time he makes it from his bedroom to the kitchen, his eye has bruised on the eyelid & just below his eye & is swollen half way shut. Yea. So, I picked him up & tried to get him to quit crying. Meanwhile I call my mom to ask if she thinks I should take him to the dr. since it was his eyeball he landed on this time. So, we load into the car & head to instacare. I told my mom if it had been his head I wouldn't worry about it so much b/c he smacks it so many times a day that it hardly phases him at all anymore! (She thought I was rotten.) So, we get to instacare & the dr. basically tells me that since his movement is fine & everything looks ok cosmetically that even if he had fractured his face that there was nothing they could do for it. He told me to keep an eye on him & make sure that he doesn't lose the movement of his eye (being able to follow a finger without moving your head kind of thing) because with that kind of an injury the swelling can push the optic nerves forward & into the fracture where they get stuck & then they have to do surgery. Lovely! He then assured me that the chances of that happening are about one in a million (why mention it to a mother then?!). The dr. did say that he did bruise his eyeball & that's why it bruised & started to swell immediately (broken blood vessels filling the space with blood -- all kinds of great things a mother wants to hear!) So, it sounds like he's just going to have a narley black eye this time (luckily). I tried to get a picture today but only had my phone camera & it didn't take very good pictures so I'll try again tomorrow! I'm starting to think I should wrap the kid in bubble wrap before he gets out of bed in the morning! Thank goodness for health insurance & AFLAC!!

As if we hadn't had enough drama & excitement for the day, Travis & I went & took the concealed weapons permit class tonight. My poor mother had all 4 grandkids for about 4 hours (anyone that knows all 4 kids knows what a handful that was!). Travis thinks I should carry while I'm at school. Can't say I disagree so much as it being close to SLC (not to mention all the school shootings you hear about these days) but, I just don't know how I feel about a bra holster! Guess we'll have to wait & see when it gets closer. If I have to walk through a metal detector (don't think I will) every day then I won't carry at school for sure! It was interesting to go to though. The guy that taught the class did a good job (made the four hours go by pretty quick). And, since they were doing the fingerprinting cards while we were there, I had them do the one I've been packing around for about 2 months to send to the Idaho State Office of Edu. for my Idaho license so now I don't have to pack my kids into the jail with me to get fingerprinted! Travis was skeptical about how they would fingerprint him (what with the missing tip & all). Well, they did it, they just inked what they could & said "Ah, they'll figure it out when they look at your card." I'm sure that was reassuring for Trav! Oh well!

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Nic said...

Wow. I don't eve NEED television anymore. I get my drama fix from the Bown Family!