Tuesday, June 3, 2008


Ok, I'll admit I've been a slacker on my blog. But, we've had some nice weather when it quits raining so I've been outside! Here are some pictures of what we've been up to. I finally figured out if I take the step stool I have in my kitchen outside, I can weed a little bit easier! I know we probably won't get grass this year, but at least I'll have some flowers!

This is out in the backyard. You can't really tell on the picture, but Travis has dug a trench & put in some 2x10's to partition off my flowerbed. I planted all these hostas last Oct. & wasn't sure if they'd survive or not since we had deer in our backyard all winter. And, I'm happy to announce, the fern I thought had died has finally got green showing! Travis is mad at me because I "ruined the tree." I told him I didn't even touch the tree! All I did was stuff underneath it. He was quick to point out that under the tree is the best part of the tree. Oh well. Guess I can't win that one!

This is up against the back of the house. You can actually see the partition in this picture. This flowerbed isn't finished yet. My mom gave me some hollyhock starts that I've put in along with about 6 strawberry plants & 1 yucca plant. I am hoping to get a bridal wreath start from my grandma to put in at the far end when the rain finally stops again!

This is our attempt at a garden this year. We've put this along the west side of the house. We've got 1 watermelon plant that Samantha picked out at the greenhouse & had to have but I think has died, 1 pumpkin planted that I'll be surprised if it sprouts, 3 tomatoes & 2 pepers (thanks mom)! I figure if nothing else, at least we gave it a try!

This is our front yard. The dirt pile has gotten considerably smaller. And, now it is all in one place instead of a small mountain over the entire front yard! I have another flowerbed against the fence & a long one against the entire front of the house & one down the side of the driveway. Travis hasn't made it to these flowerbeds yet, but they are on the list to be partitioned off soon!

Another view of the fabulous front yard!

As you can see, we've been busy. Hope it's raining less where you are!

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