Tuesday, July 8, 2008

Happy 4th!

We had quite the eventful week this past week but still no baby!

On Wednesday night we went up & watched the Hyrum fireworks from the baseball diamond. The kids thought that was quite a bit of fun but weren't too impressed with the amount of traffic we had to sit and wait in. Nor were they too big on how far they had to walk from the baseball diamond to the car!

On Thursday we went with Trav's parents to the Logan fireworks. We go with the every year. We eat dinner at their house & then head up to the stadium around 8 pm or so. Scott was kind enough to drop Kris, the kids & I off in the parking lot. We sat & waited for Travis & Scott to walk back from parking the truck. It took them so long we started to wonder if they were actually coming back! When they finally made it to us I made the trek up the hill into the stadium (if you've been there, you know that's a steep hill for a fat girl!). We found pretty good seats & actually didn't have to wait too long for the fireworks to start. The kids had a lot of fun watching them & despite their dad telling them there are no blue fireworks b/c no chemical burns blue, they kept asking him why there weren't any blue fireworks! After the fireworks were over & we headed back to the truck, Scott told us he parked "just past that light." Yea, well turns out that "just past that light" was nearly to 1800 north! He had to park just past the vet clinic on 800 East! He said he figured it was about a mile & a quarter. I volunteered to jump all the way there to see if I could prompt the baby to come out. No such luck! I also mentioned that I think next year we should just walk all the way to the stadium & back from their place (they live just west of Greenville Elementary) b/c it really wouldn't have been much farther than what we walked this year!!

Friday was the Hyrum parade. Every year Travis & I joke that we're going to go along Main street & pick up all the chairs left out b/c we need new camp chairs so badly! Hyrum residents were putting chairs out Sunday afternoon for this "Grand" event! The parade isn't even until NOON on FRIDAY! I can't believe the attention this parade gets! It's bordering on ridiculous!
This pick is of our kids, my niece, the neighbor kids & Travis waiting oh so patiently for parade candy. Yes, Travis. He's quite the candy catcher & is really good at helping the kids get their fair share!

Jade, Samantha & Nash on Friday after the parade

My sister & her husband, Chad, on their motorcycle in the parade. The cop next to the wanted to race if you can imagine!

On Friday night we had Trav's parents over for dinner & fireworks. We ended up getting quite the fireworks show too! Two of our neighbors (somewhere in the block) has illegal fireworks they kept setting off. They would shoot up above our house so we had a great seat from our driveway. The kids really got into picking out which fireworks they wanted their dad to light & then sitting it down for him to light it & running away.

On Saturday my parents did their big Fourth of July Pig Roast. It was a lot of fun. We had a pretty decent turnout, maybe 50 people. The kids were in the pool until after dark & the food was awesome!
My uncle Doug adjusting the pig. The pig was 54 lbs this year so it was only 2 lbs bigger than Samantha!

A better picture of the pig

Not long after I took this pic Grandpa Larry jumped out & about 15 more kids jumped in!

And last, but not least. Here is my picture at 37 weeks. Several times at the pig roast I heard people say, "She just looks hot & miserable." That's when I turned to them & said, "That's because she is!" I go back to the dr. tomorrow & I'm hoping he'll just start me b/c I'll be 38 weeks this week & his lungs should be mature enough for him to be ok! I'll post an update tomorrow unless we're having a baby!!

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Heather said...

Good luck, little Momma. I hope he comes so soon! How's the classroom coming along??