Monday, July 14, 2008

Waiting for Baby...

My Water BabiesI have decided my children should have been born as ducks or fish. They absolutely love the water & will spend every waking second in it that I allow them to. Nash has made amazing strides in the last week. Last summer he had a near drowning incident in my parent's pool. Since then he's been much more cautious around water. Until this week that is. Suddenly his fear of water is gone & he is cannon balling into the pool until I'm tired just from watching him! Yes, cannon balling - he climbs on the ladder, does his little routine, shouts "Cannon Ball", & jumps in!

Baseball Travis loves baseball & has played it since he was a little kid. Saturday night while we were out at Trav's parent's house Nash discovered the little glove. Grandpa Scott & Dad played catch with Nash, teaching him how to throw the ball & catch it in the glove. Now I'll have to find the glove he got for his birthday & get it out so he can play catch at home with dad. I'm sure there are many baseball games to come in my future!!

First Fish of the Season Travis went fishing with my dad Sunday night (the kids & I stayed at Grandma's & they went swimming) & came home with his first catch of the season. (A little late, I know, but it's a start.) It's a large mouth bass that measured 17 inches! Samantha was all excited to get in & see what it was all about - Nash on the other hand wasn't too sure he wanted to get very close to the fish at all!

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