Wednesday, July 9, 2008

Sam's growing up!

Tonight we went out to my parent's house to celebrate my mom's birthday. We had a hot dog roast & not long after Samantha sat down to eat she came over & started complaining that her tooth hurt. I, of course, being the fabulous mother that I am told her, "Your tooth is fine! Go eat!!" Well not too much later I was in the kitchen & Samantha was complaining again about her tooth hurting. So, I told her to come here & let me look. Well, wouldn't you know it! She has her first loose tooth!! She was a little freaked out at first b/c I made a big deal of it & said, "Hey! Lets go tell your dad!" I felt bad b/c she started crying after I said that! But, now that we've talked to her about it, she's a bit more excited (and anxious) about it. So, it's official. I feel old! My first baby is going to start kindergarten & has her first loose tooth & my second baby is starting preschool! Guess you might say I'm glad I get to start all over again!

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