Tuesday, September 23, 2008

Elk Hunting Season

Well, widow season is here. I was going to post pix on Sunday & then realized Trav took my camera hunting with him. Guess it will have to wait until he comes home!
Trav left on Sat. (the 20th) & is planning to be gone until Oct. 3rd. Unless of course he kills something before then! I talked to him on the phone tonight & he was really excited because he found a big heard of elk with some big elk in it. I may have a dead animal on my wall after all!

School is going well. We are doing our IOWA tests this week & will be having another math test & our first science test next Monday. DIBELS is coming up...we're still trying to get enough parents to help do the testing so I hope we can round them up before our deadline arrives! Craziness!!

Caleb is growing fast. We took him in to have his 2 month well check last Friday. He's up to 11 lbs 2 oz. I think that's what Nash weighed at 2 weeks! He is growing like a weed though & loves his food - even if he does throw up a lot from his reflux.

Samantha is still loving school. She's been going to the Boys & Girls club after school until 5 and has done all kinds of fabulous things. They made a music video last week after creating their own instruments (we now have a maraca & a guitar). Today they made tin foil boats & had a compettition to see who could put the most pennies in their boat before their boat sunk. Sam got about 47 in hers. Not too shabby! She was pretty excited bout the boat & wanted to make one for Nash so I told her I'd let her do it tomorrow.

Nash is still loving preschool. They are now on letter C at school & for letter C they are talking about cowboys/cowgirls & cactus. I thought that the cactus part was kinda random but hey, he was excited.

Well, as soon as I get my camera back (& the CD my sister burned with pix from Caleb's blessing) I'll get pix posted - I promise!!


Heather said...

I hope you are feeling better. Strep is no fun--it wipes you out like most things can't quite do. It sounds like your school year is swinging into high gear. The momentum makes things easier, I think, when you are juggling family. Hope you survive without Travis.

Heather said...
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Chad & Cassidy said...

You liar, I gave you the CD days ago. I expect to see new pictres ASAP! No excuses. We are all waiting.