Tuesday, July 21, 2009

1 year well check

I can't believe my baby is already a year old! (How many times have I said that in the last week??)
I took Caleb in to see Dr. Clarke today. When I say Caleb is "My Little Man," I'm not joking - he's only in the 25% for height, weight & head size! If you had asked me a year ago if I thought that was going to happen I'd have told you NO WAY! I was positive he was going to be my biggest baby yet! Goes to show why you shouldn't count your eggs before they hatch doesn't it!

Some stats:
*Caleb is 19 lbs 5 oz - the other 2 were over 20 @ 9 months!
*He has 5 teeth now (3 on top & 2 on bottom & he got the top 3 all in 1 week!!)
*He still doesn't walk, although, he is taking one or two steps without holding onto *anything in the last few days.
*He is 28 inches long.
*He can still fit into a size 6 months in clothes (depending on what it is).
*A size 3 shoe (they're tiny - go look at them!) is too BIG.
*I just turned his carseat forward today & he loved it! He waved bye bye to the house when we backed out of the garage!
*He LOVES chocolate, blueberries, strawberries, raspberries, apples, ice cream, Cheerios, bananas, & peas (especially if he gets to throw the pod at you).
*He has decided to boycott baby food in the last week & will spit it back at you with a vengence.
*He's starting to get the hang of his sippy cup although, he does enjoy throwing that back at you too!
*He's drinking regular "moo juice" (milk) but likes it a little bit warm.
*He LOVES Grandma Terri's pool & the bathtub & throws a raging fit when he's taken out & made to wears clothing again.
*He thinks it's HILARIOUS when his brother &/or sister pretend to get hurt (fake fall, hit themselves, etc.).
*He likes to chase Charlotte & the poor kitten, Alice (SO cute), at daycare.
*He LOVES monkeys.
*He has this tiny, soft, yellow lamb he got when he was born that he must have to go to sleep & likes to drag just about everywhere that he loves to chew on because he completely weened himself off his binki about a month ago. (We call it "Mimi.")
*He likes to stick his tongue out & wiggle it back and forth at you.
*He says "Dada" but refuses to say "Mama!"
And last but not least:
He has got the most contagious laugh & smile that will absolutely melt your heart in an instant!

I keep telling myself I need to post some fun stuff about the other two kids but this post has gotten long enough so I will do that another time!


Justin & Ashlee said...

Hey, ya we will be in the valley untill mid September. Justin is going on his pack trip the 14th so after that. We looked at a lot of houses but didn't quite find what we wanted. So we found a condo thing that we will probably rent that is a few miles from OSU. We'll do that for a few months untill we can find a place to buy. I don't know where he'll find the time but Justin wants to do a flip. So I guess we'll see. I just follow along :)

Tannie Datwyler said...

That is SOOOO fun to read Misty. What a sweet baby and it sounds like he is doing awesome even if he is on the small scale. :) Don't feel too bad about that though, he won't make your arms tired like my chubby son.