Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Samantha Stats

Since I told myself I'd post some fun stuff about the other 2 kids, I decided I'd better do one now while I have a minute!

Samantha Stats:
*She is 6 1/2 years old now! Holy cow where did that time go??
*She hast lost 4 teeth (3 on bottom & 2 on top).
*She has 2 loose teeth (1 on top & 1 on bottom) so I'm pretty sure that corn on the cob is out this year!
*When we went to the dentist a month or so ago, they did x-rays & we learned that one of her teeth doesn't have a permanent tooth!
*She loves playing Barbies, Polly Pockets, anything to do with her dolls (like house) and bossing Nash around.
*She is a good little mom to Caleb (she can even pick him up & carry him around!)
*She likes to pretend to hurt herself so Caleb will laugh uncontrollably at her.
*She does NOT like chocolate or cheese (how is this kid mine??)
*She has been in dance class since she was 3 years old. She takes from LaShars & gets lessons in tap, ballet & tumbling.
*Her favorite movie (this is a new one) is Jumunji.
*Her best friend in Jolie who shares a backyard with us. In fact, they'd be connected at the hip & move in together if the parents would let them.
*She still has training wheels on her bike (we tried taking them off, but she wouldn't get on and ride unless Travis was holding onto her bike!).
*She LOVES going to swim - doesn't matter where or when.
*She likes Grandma Kris' big Jetski but not the little one & is terrified of the tube (but we put her on it like good parents anyway! ;) )
*She wears a size 7 now! Except in pants - she's still a 6x.
*She likes to wear dresses but isn't too thrilled about shorts. She will wear capri's. She will not wear turtleneck shirts or tank tops.
*Her favorite colors are blue, pink, and purple.
*She will be in 1st grade this year. Proud mother moment - she reads 50 cwpm (correct words per minute) and 2nd grade level reading is 60 cwpm.
*She likes playing Webkinz on the computer & does pretty good all by herself.
*She LOVES Hannah Montana & iCarly.
*She has a huge vocabulary & uses words like beautiful instead of pretty and fabulous instead of great (I know where she gets that from!).
*She has had 3 sets of tubes. Thanks to this little endevour she hates getting water in her ears & refuses to let anyone other than herself clean out her ears.
*She had her adenoids taken out when she was 2 but still has her tonsils.
*She snored when she was a baby! It was SO cute!
*She is a big time Daddy's girl...and hence, the Princess by default.
*She's really tall - a lot of people ask if she's in second grade simply because of her height. Her Grandma Kris is 5 ft 11 in so I think she got that gene!
*She likes fishing & has asked her dad repeatedly to take her ice fishing (he isn't thrilled about that idea).
*She LOVES any kind of berry & will eat them until she gives herself a bellyache.
*She only likes roasted marshmallows & not the rest of the S'more (seriously!!)
*She asks me almost daily when she can have a sister. (No, I haven't told her when!)
*She just got a new Hannah Montana watch so we are learning to tell time (this way mom doesn't have to go find her at Jolie's to tell her to come home!).
*She talks about my Grandma Lea that passed away 3 months before she was even born.

And last but not least:
She has got these killer beautiful blue eyes that will pierce through your soul & can read your deepest thoughts! She is so caring of others and hates to see anyone sad.


Heather said...

I loved reading about Samantha and Caleb. Boy, you are right about Sam's eyes. That's the first thing I always notice whenever I see her. Gorgeous!! Caleb is adorable in those pictures. He's turning into such a little boy instead of a baby. So sweet. I'm looking forward to reading about Nash.

Jamie said...

i dont like chocolate either... or smores... toasty marshmallows... mmmm.... arghghgh *drool*

...the cheese thing is just weird...

i love sam :) ♥ Jamie