Thursday, July 23, 2009

My Nash Man

Alright, here are some fun things about Nash!

Nash Stats:
*Even though his hair is totally white - he doesn't sunburn all that easily!
*He loves trucks, guns, legos, and anything boyish!
*He LOVES to dig in the dirt...or mud...or well, anything!
*He asks me several times a day "Mom? Can I hug on your leg for a minute?"
*He has 2 Webkinz and is pretty good at playing with them online with a little bit of help.
*He got a Spiderman bike for his birthday that he LOVES and I think he'll have the training wheels off before his sister takes hers off!
*He likes watching Hannah Montana with his sister.
*He is a good sport & plays Barbies & Polly Pockets with his sister.
*He likes to help me water the lawn & my flowers.
*His favorite thing to do in Grandma Terri's swimming pool is jump off the ladder yelling "Cannon Ball!" and splashing right into the middle of the pool.
*He loves any kind of berry - just like his brother and his sister.
*He LOVES cheese!
*His favorite kind of ice cream is "white" (aka vanilla).
*He LOVES his preschool teacher, Teacher Barbara, and can't wait to go back to school.
*He has a stuffed animal, named Tedd, that I got at Build a Bear when I was pregnant with Sam that he takes most anywhere.
*His favorite color is black & green (just like mom!).
*He loves making his little brother laugh.
*He wants to be just like his dad - sometimes a little too much!
*His favorite movies are Transformers & Star Wars.
*He likes watching SpongeBob.
*He climbs on EVERYTHING!
*He likes looking for worms in the mud with his sister.
*He likes doing puzzles with his Grandma Terri.
*He LOVES going on the tube behind Grandpa Scott's boat - even after Grandpa thows him off during a wild ride!
*He enjoys taunting his sister a little too much.
*He has recently started telling us "Call me Buba!".
*We've nicknamed him Smash - betcha can't guess why!
*He likes decorating for the holidays as much as his mom & sister.
*He likes being crazy with his Uncle Zack.
*After we go camping he has a habit of peeing on trees (no matter where we are) for about a week!!
*He loves to tease other people.
*He can't wait to start loosing his own teeth (it about kills him to watch his sister wiggle hers & not be able to do it too).
*He has beautiful blue eyes, just like his brother & his sister.

And last but not least: He's a BIG tender heart. I can't believe how sensitive he is & how easily his feelings can be hurt. He's a lover not a fighter, that's for sure!

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Jamie said...

i &heart; Nashie & Dooleb :)