Monday, August 31, 2009


Sam's first day of school (1st grade).

I took the kids to Paradise Trout & Berry days this past weekend. The kids had a blast playing on all the rides...

Sam trying to put her bean bag thing farther than her opponent's....No such luck.

My niece & nephew went nuts in here beating to death the stand & bop things!

The kids loved this slide thing. It went pretty dang fast. Sam did get a "carpet" burn of sorts on one of her elbows.

He flew down like this almost every time he went down!

Climbing to the top of the slide!

Sam, Jade, Nash & Jack - waiting in line for the giant slide.

The girls climbing to the top - you can see Jack at the end of the slide.

Nash climbing to the top of the slide.

Caleb found a new chair!


Tannie Datwyler said...

Those are some fun pics. Sam looks so grown up going to 1st grade. I still remember when you were pregnant with Nash and working as an aide. Is that right? Or am I dreaming?

Chad & Cassidy said...

I think we should rename Doulb to NJ (you know, Nash JR.)... he looks just like Nash! haha