Wednesday, September 16, 2009


Time flies when you're havin' fun! It's been about 2 weeks since my last post! I'll put pix up this weekend but words will have to do for now because it's 10:30 pm & I should be doing school work!
1-Trav came home over Labor Day (even though he didn't have it off & got in a bit of trouble). We went to the Logan Aquatic Center with the kids & Trav's sister & her little fam. The kids LOVED it. Trav's been promising to take them for a month now. This same night we ate at The Behive Grill. It was good but the wait was FOR EVER! We also went & saw Ice Age 3 that same night.
2-We went to Wellsville Founder's Day activities & got to meet Sadie Jiao for the first time. Sam was SO excited to meet her & was asking as soon as she left when she'd get to go play with her & Sara! It was the first time we'd taken the kids to Wellsville Founder's Day & they got a kick out of the Sham Battle. The parade was LONG & not much candy but enough to fill a pocket on the diaper bag for mom to carry (& sample).
3-Dad came home for his week off (just left today). While he was here we went camping & had another leaf spring on the trailer break. I swear, we cannot go anywhere or do anything without something major happening!
4-Speaking of something major happening, last Thursday when I left school to go to my ESL class my car had a flat tire. Luckily there was a parent right there that totally offered to change my tire & I made it to class on time still. Switched my car for my brother's & spent the last week driving that while my car got new tires on it (thanks for the bday present mom & dad).
5-Since we got back from camping Charlotte (the dog) has been sick. Fortunately, she hasn't puked on my carpet & it seems like she's doing better tonight...
6-I have my first cold of the season...yay. It's a sinus cold that I got from Nash & am hoping it will leave my presence soon! At least I've almost got the first one over, right??

Samantha-ism for the day:
We're on our way to dance class tonight & pass the Providence Maverick.
Sam: "Mom, what is that guy holding that sign for?"
Mom: "It's for the hot & ready $5 pizza at Little Ceasar's Pizza."
Sam: "But why is he carrying the sign?"
Mom: "He's pretty much a walking billboard."
Sam: "Oh, that's lame."
I couldn't help but laugh & just said, "Well, I'm glad somebody besides me thinks so too!"


Tannie Datwyler said...

Sounds like you have been busy but having fun. :)

I love Sam's "lame" comment.

We've had our first colds here too - BUMMER!!!!

Chad & Cassidy said...

Chad loves the "lame guy", he's so entertaining to watch :)

Heather said...

Sam's comment cracked me up. I think that every time I drive by the guy kicking his knees up like he's got some cool dance to share with teh world. I'm glad you had fun with Travis.