Wednesday, August 5, 2009


Alright, I know, bad mother moment - I don't have a picture yet. But, to be fair, my camera is in my car waiting to go to school with me tomorrow!

On Monday night Travis got in the pool with the kids at my parents' house. Samantha had an incident & smashed her face against the edge of the pool. Crisis averted. (One mention of tooth pulling & you'd have thought I was slitting her throat!)
Skip forward to tonight. We'd been at my parents' house again & she'd been in the pool, again, but there was no face smashing incident. She ate dinner and everything was just peachy. Then....we got home. She decided she hadn't had enough dinner & wanted some toast & raspberry jam (the girl eats this by the truck load). I was off getting something for Nash when he comes & tells me "Mom, Sam got hurt." I go to the bathroom & find her with a mouth full of blood. She bit her toast & it must have bent her tooth funny because even though there was a bunch of blood, the stupid tooth was still in her mouth hanging on for dear life. After 45 min. of trying to convince her that she wasn't in fact dying and that she would feel much better if she'd just pull it, I told her I was just going to do it for her. Picture in your mind a child actually trying to climb the walls to get away from you and screaming like a wild banchee. I put my hand up NEAR her mouth & in her hysterics she swatted my hand away & hit herself in the face & knocked her own tooth out without me ever even touching it!
Meanwhile, Nash passed out in the hallway from exhaustion while waiting for me to help him put his pjs on. Now that the bleeding has ceased, & she has realized she is NOT dying, I think she might be able to eat her beloved toast again!


Tannie Datwyler said...

That's a GREAT story!! :) I remember I didn't want anyone to touch my teeth when I was a kid... it's funny how dramatic children can be.

Justin & Ashlee said...

That is too funny. Way to go Sammy!