Tuesday, August 4, 2009

What We've Been Doing

He doesn't just blend into the woodchips...he likes to eat them too!

Well, our dad has been home for a week, so that's why I haven't been posting anything! (That & my computer has a virus & keeps wanting to DIE!!)

Here's a look at some of the things we've been doing while dad's been home.

Tuesday evening Trav decided we should go down to the park to play - I think he was procrastinating about getting ready to leave. Anyway, when we got there we saw a ton of people at the pavillion. Then I remembered "Ah, it's National Night Out Against Crime." So, we participated in the activities AND played at the park! Had some free dinner too! ;) Not to mention the pile of freebies we brought home. The Children's Justice Center was there & was just giving away free stuffed animals to all the kids (we LOVE the Teddy Bear Run!).

Life Flight flew in & we got to watch them land right on the baseball field. As soon as they got the all clear, kids piled into that helicopter faster than you can even imagine!

I decided to go to the Gang seminar & Trav took the kids too check out the ambulance, fire truck, etc.
If the girl would just let me do her hair...she wouldn't look like such an orphan all the time!!!

Call me crazy, but I think the kid is more the pyro type than the fireman type!

This is on the boat cop's boat.

We went to Willow Park on Wednesday...
Caleb discovered the art of going down the slide...head first....THANK YOU TRAVIS!

Caleb loved the swing & would have been content to sit in it all day long if we'd have let him!

Nash is a crazy man on the slides!

Samantha HAD to take her doll with us...

*I've also made several batches of jam & done 20 pints of green beans with my mom while Trav's been home.

*I've started making chair pockets for my chairs at school (my kids gets tables, not desks).

*I took the kids to the chiropractor - he thinks he can help with their ear "problems". I figure if he can fix it in a couple visits with a discounted co-pay, I'll try anything once! Travis is quite skeptical.

*The kids got to spend the night at Trav's parents on Friday while we went out & celebrated our wedding anniversary. We went & saw Angels & Demons - that was better than I thought it'd be. Then we went to dinner at Cafe Rio & stopped at Hastings. Trav's been telling me I need to watch "Yes Man." So, we rented that & then came home & watched that movie! It was nice to sleep in for the first time in forever!

*Trav took the kids out on his parent's boat on Sunday. I hear Sam got dumped off the tube, but she must have taken it like a trooper because she didn't say anything to me about it!

*Caleb has discovered the fun of corn on the cob & likes it quite a bit.

*Sam & Nash were swimming in my parent's pool with Trav & Caleb last night & Sam smashed her face on the edge of the pool. Didn't hit it hard enough to knock her loose tooth out, but she did make it bleed pretty good. I told her if she still has the bugger in there the next time her dad comes home he's going to pull it out!

*Only 2 weeks before I start back to work all day every day! I can't believe how fast the summer flew by! I should have expected it though. I'm bumed that it's over, but I'm also really excited to start working at my new school. We had a training on July 29th & the people I've met so far are great! I think I'm going to LOVE working with the other 2 girls teaching 6th grade. We still aren't sure what school Sam's going to be attending. She technically has paperwork at 3 different schools! She's enrolled at the same school she went to last year, but my mom can't keep her before school. So, I've filled out paperwork to transfer her to the other school in Hyrum that's just down the street from my daycare person. Waiting to hear if they have room to take her. If they don't, then she'll be going to school with me (much to Trav's dismay).

*Caleb's hair is in the baby mullet stage. I asked my mom if she'd cut it for me so watch for 1st haircut pix to come soon!

***Have a great week!***


Tannie Datwyler said...

Your family has been busy, but you've got to take advantage of the summer while youc an!

Good luck choosing a school for Sam. :) Thanks again for the recipes.

Chad & Cassidy said...

haha baby mullet, that's hillarious!

Chad & Cassidy said...

haha baby mullet, that's hillarious!