Saturday, September 26, 2009

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Oh the things we have been keeping ourselves busy with! As you can see, we got Sam's school pictures back. I wish I could zoom out b/c the pink shirt she has on in it makes the green super cute. I'm really happy with the way her pictures turned out so we're not doing retakes.

Caleb is cruising around like a wild man! That boy climbs/scales the walls lately! He's figured out how to climb out of the bathtub even! My mom came over a few nights ago & when Caleb heard Sam say "Hi grandma." he stood up, slid out of the tub & took off running for the living room stark naked before I could catch him! Thank goodness Nash was paying attention! I was just notified that Caleb was climbing the ladder up to Nash's bed! I got in the bedroom just in time to see him reach for the bed (he was standing on the last rung!). I think this one is going to turn my hair gray!!!

Samantha is still loving school. She is such a smartie. For those that know what I'm talking about, I DIBELS tested her a few weeks ago & she was at 72 correct words a minute (that's mid second grade reading level). Her comprehension of what she reads is really good too. I can't believe how fast she's growing & learning! It seems like just yesterday I was sending her to her first day of preschool! She is quite the fashion diva lately as well. She has become quite particular about what she will & will not wear out in public. She has yet to become particular about how her hair looks, however (much to her mother's dismay). Her first round of parent teacher conferences is next week. I'm a bit irritated though because of the way her school is doing conferences. Rather than scheduling every child a conference, they are only scheduling conferences with parents of those kids who have some kind of current problem. The rest of the conference time is an open house. This means I get to go to the school between 6-7 pm & HOPE I get the chance to talk to her teacher. Yeah, not so sure I'm going to bother to even try that one!

Nash, well, Nash is a wild man as always! He was playing on a skateboard ramp at preschool on Wednesday & nose dived. He now has a scab on his nose & his forehead as well as a scratch on his belly. Last night his scab was flaking off so I yanked it. This morning he looked in the mirror & then said, " forehead looks hideous!" I stiffled my giggles and asked him where he learned the word hideous. His reply? "I didn't learned it mom, I just knowed it." Yep, more giggles! He's getting better at writing his letters but we're still practicing. He enjoys listening to his sister read to him & is still excited about school (how long will this last?). Lately though, he's turned into a bit of a bully. This past week he was in time out once a day every day for 3 days in a row at daycare! As a result of these bad choices, he's now experiencing being grounded from his LEGOs & his bike for a week. Aren't I mean??

I have been working my guts out at school. Friday was our school carnival, which I stayed and worked at from 4:30-7:30. It was fun to watch the kids & see their reaction when they realized I was there. We got to go to an author's assembly on Friday. We had the author that wrote the book Far World come & talk to the 3rd - 6th graders. That was a nice unexpected surprise! I have fall break coming up next week but am going to spend it at a Gang Conference. I thought it sounded like it would be a good training, so I signed up! I have parent teacher conferences coming up on Oct. 14th & 15th. That should be interesting! Next week will be a bit of a nice break for me. I'll teach Monday & am spending all day Tuesday observing other teachers in our building, so I'll have a sub. Wednesday is our short day & it's also my team's day to have our "prep" time so I only see the kids for about an hour that day. Then Thursday & Friday there's no school! We did just finish our school wide lice checks last week & I'm glad to have that over with! My school pictures are coming up on Oct. 13th - hope mine turn out as cute as Sam's, but I'm not holding my breath!

Travis is leaving work on Monday morning to head to Manti to go hunting. He's just been itching to get there for a week! I think it's killed him to know everyone else has been down there for a week & he has had to miss out on that. I hope he gets to kill something in his 4 days of hunting. On the other hand, I won't feel too bad if he doesn't! He's still working for Halliburton in Rock Springs, WY. He's SO ready to quit & come home. Much to his dismay I've told him he can't until we have insurance through my job! He did just tell me that when my insurance kicks in he's going to start looking for a job closer to home. Not sure he'll have much luck, but we're crossing our fingers that something worthwhile might be available

Well, Sam & Nash just headed to the corn maze with their little friend Jolie from next door & Caleb is laying back down for a nap (getting teeth so he's a bit grouchy). I guess I'll go work on school work...or maybe think about working on school work!

Have a great week!

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Tannie Datwyler said...

That was fun to catch up on - and those pictures are so cute. Sam does look great in that picture!! You have been so busy.