Tuesday, October 6, 2009

'Tis the season....Again!

I finished out the month of September by spending UEA weekend sitting in the Megaplex Theatre in Ogden for 2 days attending the Gang & Youth Violence Conference. That was SO interesting! I learned a lot and am really glad I had the opportunity to go.

We jump started the month of October on Friday night by dipping cinnamon bears, strawberries & raspberries in chocolate. Then, we made caramel apples with apples from my parent's apple trees...yummy.

Saturday I proceeded to smash my pinkie finger in the lid to my washing machine. On Saturday Nash also decided he was going to get croup - let the good times begin! Saturday night we went & saw the new Transformers movie with Nash & Sam & Trav's parents kept Caleb.

Sunday night all 3 of the monsters decided they weren't feeling too good. My parents came up & ate dinner with us & then we watched Race to Witch Mountain. After my parents left I put poor Caleb to bed. You could just tell he felt crappy, not to mention the temperature he had! After that I called in for a sub on Monday (the sub story alone is enough to make one pull their hair out - long story short...REALLY bad sub!).

Monday I called the pediatrician's office at 8 because I had it in my head that there were people in the office at that hour. Nope. Called back at 9 & had to wait 15 minutes for someone to take me off hold. By then, the only appointment left was at 4:20...sure glad I took the whole day off! I hauled all 3 kids to the dr. that afternoon to have Nash's croup confirmed, Caleb diagnosed with a sinus infection (no wonder his boogers haven't gone away for a month - poor kid, I kept thinking it was teeth!), and Sam's strep test came back negative (a smidgen of sunshine). Funny enough, after the nurse walked out of the room Sam asks "Mom, are they going to stick that big Q-tip down my throat? Because I feel a lot better now." Of course she did! It's amazing how quickly kids recover, isn't it?

Well, lets hope we've had our share for a day or two. Anyone else scoffing at this idea? I wouldn't be if Sam wasn't "sleeping" on the couch with a croup cough right now!


Heather said...

Fun day--sorry it happened to you. And then to come back to a nasty sub report is probably more than you wanted to deal with. Good luck! Life will get better.

Tannie Datwyler said...

Oh sad!!!!! My kids have been sick every week for a month, but just colds and one bout of stomach flu, so no docto visits.... yet. :(