Sunday, October 18, 2009

Another Week!

Well, it has not been a slow week at our house!

I had parent teacher conferences this week - blah. That was a fun filled 2 days with an extra 8 hrs of daycare to pay for! At least Friday was a 1/2 day for my kids at school!

A bunch of my students have been out with Swine Flu & one of our teachers has been as well. Yes, I am crossing my fingers & using a lot of germ-x & lysol!
We got word that Trav's uncle is getting married in just a few short weeks. We are excited for him and are looking forward to visiting in Manti over the Nov. 7th weekend.
Caleb has learned how to pull a chair out, climb on it & then get onto my table. Yeah, not so sure I'm thrilled about this trick!
Today Nash has met his 2 injury a day quota. I just love it when I get to call my mother for 1st aid assistance 2 times in a day!! At least no er visit was required for either injury! I swear, that kid is going to give me GRAY hairs!!! Unfortunately, his little brother is following suit!

I got to celebrate my 29th bday by doing parent teacher conferences. Not exactly my idea of fun. On Friday we had dinner/presents with Trav's family. Last night we had dinner/presents with my parents. Caleb sure does like the chocolate cake & cream cheese frosting Grandma Terri made me!

Trav comes home on Tuesday - YAY! Of course, we all know that week is going to FLY by way too quickly.


Justin & Ashlee said...

Hey, at least be greatful you don't have gray hairs yet :) I seem to have to get my hair colored closer and closer together! Hope you had a great birthday even though you were in conferences.

Heather said...

Happy Birthday!!

Tannie Datwyler said...

Happy Happy Birthday!!

I wish Linus was having a fever for teeth, but he has no bumps or anything akin to that.

I'm subbing out at Providence Elementary. My friend is on maternity leave and I'm just doing her long term substitute. It's been fun, but crazy. I honestly don't know how you do it Misty - you are amazing!!!