Sunday, October 11, 2009

Ordinary Things

This picture pretty well sums up the day! Jack & Jade came to play for awhile. My basement is a disaster (nothing new) but the kids had a great time & grandma got a break!

We drove to Orem on Saturday to go to Prestin's 7th birthday party at Pirate Island. Long story short - 2 hr drive turned to 3 hr drive, Sam puked in the parking lot b/c she was car sick, my car started smoking, & it was after 9 pm when we got home. Kids had fun though. Pirate Island is basically a smaller Chuck E Cheese with a Pirate theme. Nash had 253 tickets & Sam won about 105.

My cute matching boys riding one of the rides at Pirate Island.

Caleb has found a new place to play....Apparently, he & his brother fit in here at the same time (at least when Dad's babysitting they do!)

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Justin & Ashlee said...

Love the matching shirts :) I can't believe that they both fit into the dog pen at the same time! Tricky little boys...