Monday, May 31, 2010

May at a glance

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May has been a freakishly busy month. But, what else is new? To finally not be under the microscope for 10 hrs a day is a huge relief! Never in my life have I looked forward to summer vacation as much as I have this year. Fortunately, it had nothing to do with my students!

We have managed to survive a preschool graduation, a dance recital, last day of school x 3 & moving me out of my classroom/school. Now, we are looking forward to our summer together.
Travis decided last time he was home to sheetrock a bedroom downstairs. The boys are going to end up moving down there -- Sam's too big a boob to sleep down there herself! She is however, excited to FINALLY have a room all to herself that she can have painted pink! When Trav comes home in a week we'll be taping, mudding, getting ready to paint & apparently, putting in our front lawn. I guess he's finally taking my threats of turning it into garden space serious!

Caleb has turned into a raring monster! That boy makes the Energizer bunny look "special". As you can see in my pictures, we need to purchase a bubble suit for the poor kid. He is as vigouous as ever & I am, for the first time, experiencing "Terrible Twos." We've had Terrible Threes & Terrible Fives, but never Terrible Twos. I'm finding that I prefer Terrible Fives! He is, in a word, BUSY! Even my sister's kids (who are definately busy) look calm compared to this child!

We will have the pleasure of seeing my sister's kids every day from June 1 until school begins again. Samantha is thrilled about getting to play with her cousin daily. We'll see how long that thrill lasts! ;) We have picked up some dollar projects at Michaels & are making a daily agenda. Hopefully we can keep all 5 of them entertained for the next several months! Wish me luck!

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Heather said...

I hope the childcare goes well. I gotta say, that coloring on sheetrock looks fun! I'm glad to see someone else has busy, busy little boys. Some days, I'm ready to throw in the towel. Good luck with summer vacation. Have you decided if you will teach again?