Tuesday, May 11, 2010


Tomorrow Nash will be 5 (for real). I can't believe how fast the time has gone. I swear just yesterday Sam was sitting on my bed at the "baby store" petting her new baby brother, who, she was determined was going to sleep in the bathtub & not her bedroom.

I never thought I'd be much of a "boy mom". But now I can't imagine my life without my boys. They make me smile every time they find joy in the mud or any of the other simple things in life.

I was so worried when I was pregnant with Caleb about how Nash would treat his brother. Now I can't believe I was ever worried. Yes, sometimes Nash is a stinker to his brother, but what big brother isn't? For the most part, Nash is an awesome big brother and actually, a pretty amazing little brother too. When I asked Nash what kind of cake he wanted for his birthday, he told me, "I want white so Sam will eat it. She doesn't like chocolate and she'll be sad if I have chocolate cake because she won't get to eat any." What 5 year old kid, let alone a 5 year old boy, have you ever heard say anything even remotely close to that? I must admit, I was stunned. I then asked him what kind of cupcakes he wanted to go with his cake (we have big family parties). I was thinking he'd want chocolate (the kid is mine after all). Much to my suprise, he once again said, "I want white. Sam will be sad if she only gets to have cake and can't have a cupcake too." Seriously?? I tried to get him to tell me he wanted chocolate because I know how much he likes it. But, he stuck to his guns. Even when we went to the store to buy ice cream to go with HIS birthday cake, he didn't miss a beat when it came to amazing me. When I asked him what kind of ice cream he wanted, his first reply was, "I want the rainbow kind for Sam. And, can I have white for me too?" What a kid. I don't think I even know too many adults that would put what they know their sibbling likes ahead of what they like on their own birthday.

Nash has been learning so much at preschool the last two years. He loves his Teacher Barbara and I don't think he realizes yet that she isn't going to go to Kindergarten with him. The day this realization hits him will be a sad day at our house. He can write his name fairly well and recognizes many of the numbers and letters. Samantha likes to play school and he's pretty good to just go along with what she wants. He generally doesn't poop out until he's tired of her phonics lessons (Believe me, the girl has it down pat! I know exactly what a Saxton phonics lesson sounds like, and I don't even teach it!). He is pretty excited about the fact that he'll get to go to "Sam's school" next year. I just keep crossing my fingers that he'll have a decent teacher!

This boy is SUCH a boy that it isn't even funny. He's always in the dirt and mud and hates to wash his face or comb his hair. He'll pack a stick around for days & loves to box his dad's ears in when he isn't looking. I've never been around a boy that likes Star Wars or Transformers so much (thank you Hamblin's). It always surprises me at how difficult it is for me to go gift shopping for this kid!

Despite his boyish charm, Nashie has soft side too. He is VERY much a mama's boy and nothing melts my heart faster than when he comes up to me, gives me a big hug with a smile & says "I love you mama." He never was a snuggler as a baby but he sures makes up for it now. He's the best snuggler of the 3! About a week before Mother's Day I stopped in at Maurices to see my mom. They were having a killer sale & I decided that since Trav would be gone for Mother's Day I'd save him the pain of trying to pick something out for me. So, Nash helped me pick out a super cute new outfit. After I tried on 47 outfits and Nash had put his 2 cents in on each one of them, he helped me pick out just the right one. As I was going up to the counter to pay, I stopped to look at the jewelry. Nash was broken hearted when he thought I wasn't going to buy the jewelry he thought would be perfect with my outfit. What mother can resist a boy who has a big tractor lip & is holding a super cute necklace in his hands -- even if it TOTALLY does not match the outfit he just picked out? Yep, I bought that necklace (and a bracelet that matched my new outfit). I wore the necklace today just for him too and the smile on his face was worth the money spent!

I just realized this is a much longer post than I intended! Oh well, I am bragging about my birthday boy!

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