Sunday, June 6, 2010

I fought the lawn....

And the lawn lost...Note to self: invent armor for use while weed wacking!

An older woman walked past my house today as I was loading everyone into the expedition. Charlotte got excited & ran out to the road & barked at her. I called Char back and as she was walking back to me the woman made a comment. After the comment Char took off after the woman but stayed on our property. She stood at the edge of our property and barked at the woman. As I was walking over to get Char, the woman looks and me and says, "Dog...On a leash....Now. Or I call the dog catcher." I picked Char up, looked straight at the woman and said, "Go ahead, she's on my property." I'm still furious about this woman. Not one person in 3 years has complained about Char. Whenever Char takes off & chases someone in front of our house, I immediatly chain her up. She's never bite someone and I highly doubt she ever would either. She's a whopping 6 pounds for crying out loud! So, she was confined to her leash all afternoon. When she wasn't on her leash, she was banished to the house.

My goal for today was to get my house cleaned. Not only did it not get done, I didn't even come close. On the other hand, I hit at least a 12 on the 1-10 productivity scale in the yard work department.

I planted 8 ferns I swiped from my mommy.

I planted 5 of these plants.

I dug out a bunch of lawn (see blue tote in picture above) and planted 11 bunches of raspberry plants I got from my mom. Trav called me earlier today (apparently he was just getting up). When I talked to him I asked about the raspberries and if he had a preference about where I planted them. His comment was "put them wherever you want." Well, he called back later and I mentioned that I got all the raspberries planted. He acted suprised and said "What?" Apparently he had no recollection of our prior conversation. I told him he couldn't be mad at me because I had asked him and he said to put them wherever. I could hear the dejection of loss in his voice. Guess we'll see how long the raspberry patch lasts!

And last, but not least, I ended up with this beauty! Caleb's nose and cheeck are a close second.

I also let the kids turn the sprinkler on today, but failed to get any pictures of it! Caleb sure had fun going down the slide and landing in the sprinkler.


Heather said...

Hooray for yard work! That means the warmer weather is finally here, right? Things look good in your pictures. Hope the burn goes away fast! Aloe Vera does wonders.

Jamie Atkinson said...

what a wenchy woman!