Saturday, June 5, 2010

Saturday Fun

Today was a beautiful day (it got to 77 degrees inside my house before I turned on the AC). I took the kids and ventured to the American West Heritage Center (I bought a Gold membership when we went to Baby Animal Days). We went on a train ride, saw an all white peacock, watched a wedding (theme this week is 4 weddings & a funeral), saw a snake (by accident), and the kids got to ride the ponies - which Caleb loved, loved, loved! He is big into animals!

After we went to AWHC we took a trip to WalMart & then stopped at Grandpa Scott's, but he wasn't home. So, we ventured to my parent's house where we found grandpa. I asked if he'd be willing to take us 4 wheeling. So a little later, we went back down & we all went for a 4 wheeler ride down to the river bottoms. Charlotte sure loved that!

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