Tuesday, June 29, 2010


Well, as usual, things have been totally and completely insane around here. I had 7 kids here on Thursday and Friday. I was down to 5 on Saturday and on Sunday, I was finally down to just my 3. Glad to have survived that one!

On Thursday I took 5 kids swimming at Grandma Terri's house. No pictures - grandma wasn't home so I was chasing Duleb!

On Friday we pretty much stuck close to home.

Saturday Nash's left ear finally started to drain. He made the comment "Mom! I can hear you now!" Later in the day, I took 5 kids into town. We bought a present and a cake for a sister in law and then went back to their place. We didn't leave (with just my 3 kids) until just before 9. As we were heading out of Logan Nash started sobbing that his ear hurt. So, I stopped at my mom's house to ask her what she thought I should do. We did some ear candles (never hear of it? Shangri La store has these hollow candles you put in your ear & burn down and it sucks stuff out of your ear. Totally nasty but works!). We finally got home around 11 and the kids just crashed.

Sunday morning Nash told me he could "hear bubbles" in his ear. So, I left Samantha & Caleb with my mom and made a trip into InstaCare. Yay - my favorite. They told me that his right ear was finally cleared up and not clogged. His left ear however was "so full of pus I can't see his eardrum." Great. We get a perscription for ear drops - surprise. We headed back to my mom's house and ended up staying, literarally, all day. The kids swam in the pool until they were completely water logged. Caleb's back got sunburned even with SPF 50!

Monday morning I woke up at 8 am to "Mommy!" and throw up all over in Sam's bed. Yay. I thought maybe she had just had too much sun and not enough to drink. She pretty much slept all day (even when we went to Brigham and my brother gave me a facial & an eyelash perm). I figured she'd probably feel better on Tuesday. Right? Not my luck. At least today she hasn't thrown up! Now if I can just get her to eat & drink, we should be in business!

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