Thursday, June 24, 2010

Not my day

4 - The number of Samantha's birthday porcelin dolls that broke when the shelf "fell" today.

The survivors

3 - The number of potted plants that fell off the porch & spilled everywhere when Samantha "tripped".
1 - The number of semi large bleeding heart plants that got squashed thanks to the 3 pots & Samantha.
1 - The number of juices spilled all over the garage.
0 - The number of naps Caleb has had as of 2:21.
12 - The time I finally went to bed (I was reading The Secret Life of Bees).
4 - The number of times I've beat my printer because it wouldn't print my receipt for click2pick.

Hoping the rest of the day turns out better!

Well, it definately got worse before it got better today. I'm just hoping tomorrow isn't any worse. Otherwise, I'm going back to bed & not getting out of it until Trav comes home Tuesday night! I'm sure I could find enough books to keep me company at least that long!

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