Monday, June 21, 2010


Here are today's totals:

1:38 - Time I finally put The Book Theif down and went to bed.
200 - About how many pages I have left in The Book Theif.
3:18 - Time Nash woke up screaming bloody murder that his ear hurt.
3:37 - Time I called my mom asking for help.
1 - Number of heating packs I microwaved.
5 - Number of mL's I gave Nash of Motrin.
4 - Time Nash went back to sleep.
7 - Time my alarm went off.
7:30 - Time my sister dropped her kids off.
10 - Time I called and scheduled an appointment with the pediatrician today.
0 - Number of kids that ate all their lunch.
5 - Number of kids that wanted treats after not eating all their lunch.
2 - The time of my appointment.
4 - Number of tubes plugged.
1 - Number of ear infections.
2 - Number of sinus infections and perscriptions.
1 - Number of pediatricians that said he would have stitched Caleb's face instead of using glue b/c the kid has pulled the scab off 4 times now!
5 - Number of kids I took to the pediatrician's office, the bank, Shopko, Charlie's Ice Cream & Merlin Olsen Park.
1 - Number of people that asked if all 5 kids were mine!
1 - Number of cars that stopped 3 ft in front of Caleb rather than run him over.
1 - Number of times my heart stopped after nearly watching Caleb get run over by an SUV.
2 - Number of kids that ended up in the stream at Merlin Olsen Park after being told to "Stay out of the water!"
4:42- Time we left Merlin Olsen Park.
0 - Number of fits when I said it was time to leave the park! :)
1 - Number of chiropractor appointments I had scheduled for today.
1 - Number of naps Caleb took today (conviently while I was in the chiropractor's office!)
3/5 - Number of summer reading calendars that hit the 2 hr reading requirement for last week that received their free donut from Macey's coupon today.
3 - Number of calendars we can still get coupons for last week's reading.
17 - Number of new library books we checked out.
1 - Number of kids I had help mow the lawn tonight.
1 - Number of dogs I own that "tree-ed" a Rock Chuck behind my Holly Hocks tonight.
3 - Number of men I tried to get to kill the Rock Chuck that were conviently not home!
1 - Number of men that came to my rescue.
3 - Number of shovels used in the Rock Chuck assult.
1 - Number of large crowbars used in the assult.
6 - Number of kids that witnessed the Rock Chuck murder.
4 - Number of adults that witnessed the Rock Chuck murder.
1 - Number of people that got to wash the blood off my back patio after the Rock Chuck murder.
12 - Number of hours the dead Rock Chuck will spend in my garbage can before garbage day!
3 - Number of people I sent text messages to informing them of the Rock Chuck murder.
1 - Number of husbands that was disappointed I didn't use my own gun to kill it\\a Rock Chuck.
2 - Number of pictures I took of a dead Rock Chuck tonight.
1 - Number of lawns I finally got mowed after a Rock Chuck was murdered & its corpse removed!
3 - Number of different meals I had to make for dinner tonight in order to please all the children.
1 - Number of Lego constructions I am currently being required to work on.
1 - Number of children sitting on my computer desk rather than going to bed!
60 - Number of minutes both older kids read today.
1 - Number of chapter books I started reading with the kids (The Magician's Elephant by Kate DiCamillo).
0 - Number of children & animals I am hoping to share my bed with tonight!

3 - Number of kids I shared my bed with last night!
0 - Number of dogs I shared my bed with last night.
1:11 - Time I finished The Book Thief!

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1 comment:

Tannie Datwyler said...

K - this makes me tired just reading it. :) Sam looks so cute in that red outfit by the way. I can't believe your rotten luck with ears - oh sad! But the Book Thief is an awesome read huh?