Wednesday, June 23, 2010

New Adventures

Side note before I begin - I stayed up until 2 am reading The Wednesday Letters. What a great book! I've already read more books this summer that have been "just because" than I have in a LONG time!

Tonight when I took Sam to dance class I asked her if she was wanting to do performing dance in the fall or just keep doing the once a week classes she's been doing since she was three. She asked me what the performing class was. I told her that it's where she gets to go to different places and dance for people. I told her she'd learn more dances and have more costumes and she'd get to go to dance class two times a week instead of one. She said, "Ok." but it wasn't very convincing. So, I said, "It's the kind of dancing Braidie did." To this she nearly jumped through the roof of the expedition saying, "YES! I want to do it!" Let me explain who Braidie is. Braidie was the flower girl at our wedding. She is Trav's cousin and she just graduated this spring. Sam LOVES Braidie. Braidie is the sister Sam wants to have so dearly. Braidie did dance and cheer and I swear she is Sam's hero. So, I wasn't at all surprised when she gave me that reaction!

When I took her inside to drop her off, I got her on the list for performing class for fall. Jenny, the owner of LaShar's, is excited. She said Sam is just one of those kids that come by dance naturally. She doesn't have to be told to point her toes or even what the next step might be -- she just knows. I was glad to hear that and told Jenny she gets her rhythm from her father! Sam's had a groove to her since she was a tiny baby and Caleb does too. The trait seems to have skipped Nash though. Anyway, after getting the list and walking out I read that they're going to Disney Land in CA in March 2011. Yes...Samantha is excited and her first question out of her mouth after hearing this was, "Is that where Miley lives?" That girl!

I'm not sure how excited about this new adventure our dad is. I'm sure he'll be there to support his girl any time or any place. It's just the lessons 2 x a week that I think he might gripe about! ;) I did tell Trav that we need to get Nash into something extra curricular this fall too, even if it's piano! So, if you have any ideas -- send them my way!

New book I'm trying to tackle: Pacific -- it's actually a 10 part miniseries on HBO. It's about WW2 and the fighting in the Pacific and it's told through the life story of about 5 different men. We'll see how this one goes - I'm trying to remain optimistic. I'm also going to start reading The Secret Life of Bees. And, I've been reading The Magician's Elephant by Kate DiCamillo to the kids at night. That's a weird one.

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