Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Trip to the dentist

I've got to quit taking my kids to the dentist, it's going to cost me a fortune! When the kids went about a year ago Nash had 3 cavities. Today's news wasn't too much better.

Samantha has about 8 cavities. Four of these they will fill/fix and the other four they will "just disk them." My understanding of this is that they are small enough they will place a disk between the teeth and that should keep them from getting bigger. All the cavities are in her molars. I asked about her non-existent tooth while I was in there as well (one of her incisors doesn't have a permanent one above it - apparently this is a prominent gene on both sides of the family). I'm thinking I shouldn't have asked about it. He said that she'll lose the incisor when she's around 11 or 12. At that point she'll need braces in order to create a space for the missing tooth. After the braces come off, she'll get a retainer with a fake tooth on it. When she's done growing (around 16-18 years old) she can have an implant put in. Oh goody.

Nash was free & clear today. No cavities and no other kind of looming news.

Caleb didn't have any cavities, but the dentist told me that he has a pretty good under bite. He said that often times when they're baby teeth fall out, this can correct itself. If it doesn't correct itself, he'll need "some orthodontics" around the time his six year molars come in so he doesn't "end up looking like an English Bulldog."

Great, 2 sets of braces I can start saving for! I'm starting to think the orthodontist will like me and my children as much as the ENT does! I don't think I want to schedule Trav's check up any time soon! Sam has to go in to get her cavities fixed on August 9th. Maybe I'll consider scheduling a check up for me & Travis after that?? At least the boys didn't have cavities, right?

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Justin & Ashlee said...

I'm missing the same tooth as Sam! Only I wasn't lucky enough to have an implant...I'm too old I guess :) Colt and Jess have the same problem and Jess just got his implants! Got to love dentistry :)