Sunday, August 1, 2010

Day 1: Jackson (Hole), Wyoming

We left for our trip to Yellowstone on Thursday, July 22nd. Before we left however, we had to go down and see our new cousin, Jaxton. He is very adorable and has serious chubby cheeks. Samantha would like to bring him home, despite the fact that he is not a sister! We ended up leaving Syracuse around 10 pm. "Good time." as Trav refers to it.We drove until about 2 am, at which point we pulled over onto a side road and ventured up a canyon a little ways until we found a spot to park the trailer. After getting up in the morning we continued on to Jackson Hole, WY. Did you know they took the "Hole" out of Jackson Hole and it's now just Jackson, WY? Stupid. When we got to Jackson we weren't really sure what we wanted to do. Trav wanted to watch the gun fight but it wasn't until 6 pm and we weren't going to hang out there for 6 hrs before continuing on to Yellowstone. So, we let the kids play...

Which they were especially grateful for. We also had lunch at this little park. After our bellies were full we got out the stroller and headed to the main part of town to do some "window shopping". Which, the kids told me was, "stupid." Nice! We did the old time pictures of them and they turned out really cute. I will have to scan them and upload them when I get home (I'm still in Oregon). We bought a few treasures...
And saw a few of the sights. After about 2 hours, and lots of shopping, we packed up and headed to Yellowstone (Despite the pleas from children to "stay and watch the gun fight!).
We ended up hitting Jackson again on our way home. We missed the gun show by about 7 minutes. Travis was thoroughly bummed. On the bright side however, I managed to find the Yippie-I-O Candy store on our second visit! My mother was thrilled to receive her Huckleberry taffy!

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