Sunday, August 1, 2010

Days 2-4: Yellowstone

We stopped at Old Faithful on our way to our campground in Island Park. We came back and hit it again on our second to last day.They are happy because they had ice cream! ;)
Checking out some geysers.
Mammoth Springs and the dormant cone geyser.
More often than not someone other than Caleb was in the stroller!
We had to stop and see the petrified tree.
Upper Falls in the "Grand Canyon of Yellowstone." Caleb LOVED the "big water."
Spasm Geyser with the spaz himself!
This elk was HUGE and people were getting way to close for my comfort!
My boys checking out another geyser. Caleb just couldn't get enough of the water. He screamed every time we pulled him away from a geyser - even though we told him we were going to go see more!
The Dragon's Mouth geyser.
The Lower Falls in the "Grand Canyon of Yellowstone."
My view for most of the trip!
Couldn't help but catch this one.
A big buffalo in West Yellowstone the day we were leaving.

We saw lots of buffalo and elk. We even saw 3 bears & 2 cubs. Much to Trav's disappointment, we didn't see any moose. I couldn't catch any of the bears on my camera. I was told a few days after we left a Griz attacked 3 tents and killed 1 person in the Montana part of Yellowstone. That is why I slept in a trailer thank you very much! The kids had a blast at Yellowstone and it was sad when it was time for us to leave. We didn't end up getting home until just after midnight since we stopped in Jackson on our way home. We didn't even have any major fiascoes! I guess that only happens when we travel with Trav's parents! ;) I took over 100 pictures while we were in Yellowstone but I tried to just post some of the ones with us in them. I have pictures of just about everything though! Perhaps when I get home (still in Oregon) I will put them in a smilebox slideshow. The only bad thing about our trip was that they were doing road construction from Madison to Norris and there were 30 minute delays on the road. That was a good time, let me tell you!

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