Friday, August 27, 2010

Finally! Some good news!

It's about time, right? Nash has been so dad-gum loud all summer I was wondering if his tubes had come out or been clogged once again. That was the tell tale sign with Samantha. So, I scheduled him an appointment with the ENT. We went in today and I told our most favorite ENT Dr. Blotter what was going on. He told me he expected to find "tubes in the ear canal & an ear drum full of fluid." However, much to his surprise (and mine) his tubes are in and his ear drums are clear! After this nice surprise, Dr. Blotter had the audiologist come down and test his hearing. Come to find out, the little stinker, actually has "slightly better than normal hearing." What?! He has decidedly inherited his father's ability to tune me out?! When I told his dad that, he responded "Well, I can't really blame him." Brat. My official diagnosis then is that he must have more Reeder blood in him that I ever imagined! Thanks Great Grandma Ruth! He isn't deaf, he's just loud!

On a side note: Samantha went from 4 am until 1 pm with no Lortab today! Yay. I thought she was on the upswing of things. She was even asking if I'd take her to school. What? But, since 1 pm she's been pretty steadily needing the drugs again. Oh well. Some progress is better than no progress, right?

Now, if only I could get his little brother out of his "Terrible, Horrible, No Good, Very Bad" Terrible 2 stage, we'd be set! HA!

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