Thursday, August 26, 2010

1st day of school 2010

Today was the first day of school here in Cache County. Nash was super thrilled. Samantha on the other hand woke up at 2 am in extreme pain. She kept telling me that her split was too tight around her fingers. We unwrapped the ace bandage by her fingers and she told me it was still too tight. I got her ice and gave her Lortab and Ibuprofen which allowed her to sleep (sort of) for several hours.
At 9 am Caleb came skipping into my room and woke Samantha up. She immediately started crying about how badly her arm hurt because the split was too tight. I was worried that maybe the bone had slipped out of place again so I quickly got the boys and I dressed and dropped the boys at my moms and headed back to the ER with Samantha. So, this is how Samantha spent her first day of 2nd grade.
After 2+ hours sitting at the ER, they finally decided that by prying her split loose and re-wrapping it with just 1 ace bandage, in addition to doubling her dose of Lortab, that she'd be ok to send home. They never did re-xray it. I'm really hoping the bone hasn't moved still.

Like I said, Nash was thrilled about going to Kindergarten. Caleb wanted his hair just like Nash's and followed him around while I quickly got everyone ready to shoo out the door. Nash's shirt says 50% Ninja, 50% Rock star, 100% awesome!

He saw this backpack (Lego Star Wars) and HAD to have it. What a kid! I keep telling myself he WILL NOT be one of those weird kids that sits in the library and plays Dungeons & Dragons during lunch! Keep your fingers crossed for me! ;)

He said he had a great day. He made a few new friends but "can't remember their names". When my mom dropped him off she said he ran right in and shooed her away saying "Bye Grandma!" He was in quite the rush to get his school day started!

After we picked Nash up we went down and Samantha got to see her classroom and meet her teacher. She seems like a nice lady. She's been really understanding about Sam not going to school until Tuesday. Let's hope we don't have any other extenuating circumstances this year! Sam's not excited about the fact that she needs help going to the bathroom and a friend will need to accompany her. I told her that maybe when she gets her cast on she'll be ok to go herself. She also had to miss her first day of dance class today too. What a bummer time to break a wrist!

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Tannie Datwyler said...

Nash looks so grown up - how fun! And poor Sam. :(